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A Decluttering Success Story!

I have a wonderful friend, K, who has been encouraging me to declutter my life. She is very skilled in this area and everything she says makes perfect sense. But …

… my mind is fully occupied with other things, like surviving; it’s a BIG job; it’s changing long-held patterns; it’s – well, it’s a bunch of excuses is what it is.

Yesterday, though, I did successfully declutter something: my “Blogs I Follow” list! Now I have pared it down to the blogs I’ve discovered I really want to read. I can stop typing the names of my favourite  blogs into the browser window from memory and use the WordPress reader as it should be used – to keep up with my desired reading, instead of it being jam-packed with other reading as well.

I made a quite severe cut – 90% of the blogs went – and was still concerned that I may need to prune harder, but I left the laptop off overnight and woke up to a very manageable reading list this morning.

How do I feel about this? Absolutely-bloody-fantastic. OK, it just took half an hour of hitting little “x”s, but it has made my life more streamlined, more efficient, and it’s a task I conceived of, carried out and completed, all in one session. That feels great, too!

I may not quite be up to clearing out the spare room (again) but when the time comes, I know I am capable of mustering the right mental mindset to get the job done.

Are you a natural declutterer, or like me, does stuff accumulate? If you’re like me, how do you cope with this in your daily life? I’d love to hear from you!

Jul to Dec 2010 002

This is how I feel: my Reader has been transformed from its wild, natural, organic self into a more useful form!



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Cliches? Yes, please!

Here are some cliches I thought were appropriate this Monday morning, as I look down the barrel of another week affected by mental illness:

  • Always look on the bright side
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away
  • An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
  • Another nail in the coffin
  • Any port in a storm
  • Back against the wall
  • Bats in the belfry
  • Better light a candle than curse the darkness
  • The big picture
  • Bite me
  • Blue Monday
  • Boxed in
  • And, to end on a hopeful note: One door closes, another door opens

Church Door


May many doors open for you this week!


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Pretending to be a Normal Person …

Pretending Normal

This is an image from Suzy Toronto’s fun calendar, “A Year in the Life of a Wild Wacky Wonderful Woman” and I thought some of my wild, wacky, wonderful WordPress friends would enjoy it!


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“If it’s not chocolate, it’s not breakfast”

This is the sentence at the bottom of the “Wild Wacky Wonderful Woman” calendar for February – Suzy Toronto has a great sense of humour!

One of the things I did this week was meet my replacement mental health outreach worker. He’s a psychologist (the former, much lamented miracle-wrangler was a social worker) so I’ll be interested in the different approach he takes.

Of course, he doesn’t know me, and doesn’t know that I’ve thought long and hard about many aspects of mental health and mental illness.

He asked me to think about what my goals were; I was able to pick up my laptop again (just put down after showing him the PowerPoint presentation I’d made to get him up to speed on my psych history, treatment, etc – yes, you may laugh at me) and say: “I can show you them right now,  if you like!” I think I may have freaked him out a little – he blinked – perhaps he’s not used to patients making PowerPoints and having documents with their treatment goals pre-prepared.

“Maybe we can go through them in detail next session,” he choked out. Regaining composure, he asked whether I was hoping for a perfect life, a life in which I wouldn’t feel stressed or anxious or down ever again.

Of course I’m not. I’m not an idiot. (I only said one of those sentences out loud; I’ll let you entertain yourself by guessing which one.) It would be nice to live in my dream world, but I understand that’s not going to happen.

It would be nice to live in a world where there was chocolate for breakfast every day; but we don’t live in that world. (Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy chocolate for supper, though!)


May you find some “chocolate”-like moments in your day today.


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Re-education: Silly Questions

My mood’s still somewhere below the Challenger Deep (over 10km beneath sea level; purportedly the lowest point on Earth’s surface) so I thought I’d take time out of my busy schedule to distract you, and myself, with some much-needed re-education.*

Reeducation Camp

Welcome to Re-Education Camp. Do you remember being told “there are no silly questions” at school, or during work training, or by a coach? Well, I’m here to say that, sadly, they were wrong. There are some silly questions, and the reason they are silly is that they don’t have answers, or don’t address issues which are ‘real’ – having real solutions in the real world.^

Here’s my list:

  • Why isn’t life fair?
  • Why do bad things come in clumps and bunches, instead of being meted out in a more measured way, a way I could cope with?
  • I know what I should do if I want my life to improve. Why can’t I do those things?
  • Why do some people have all the luck, while others remain obstinately luck-less?
  • Why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • Why can’t people just do the right thing?
  • Why, when I make a list of these questions waiting in a queue or stopped at traffic lights, can I come up with hundreds of these questions, but only seven spring to mind now?

Here endeth the re-education.


* I’m  joking. C’mon, let me blow off some steam with some humour!

^ No, I’m not going to explain what I mean by the word ‘real’. Make up something that amuses  you.


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