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Life is come again

Not literally; but after two days of grieving hard, I feel the first stirrings of interest again.

It was mainly due to the dearly beloved, of course. I had to make a pharmacy/library run, and asked him to come along. He did, even though it was going to be a boring trip for him. I shouldn’t need reassurance that he loves me, but hey, we’re only human, right?

Anyway, his demonstration of care helped me snap out of┬áthe grief jag which I’d been on. It’s OK; I know I am still going through the process, but just not in a catatonic, antisocial manner.

I just stepped out into the cold and snapped a couple of life-is-come-again pics:

Life is come again

Life is come again 2

Life is come again 3Wherever you are today, whatever is going on in your life, I hope you experience at least a taste of “life is come again”. It’s a great feeling.



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Fresh Air!

Despite this morning’s post about the cold winter weather we’re having, I walked the few kilometres to the local shopping centre today. It was fun!

There’s nothing like a walk in brisk, fresh air to clear the cobwebs, stimulate constructive thought and reduce the symptoms of depression. What’s not to love about that?

It never ceases to amaze me how such a simple thing can make such a great difference to mood and well-being, and quickly, too.

Do you have any mood quick-fixes?

Fresh Air


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On Steroids!

Yes, you heard me – the GP inspected my long-sore throat this morning, and decided a course of steroids was the way to go.


I know some people love being on steroids: depending on their age, they’ll bounce about, claiming to feel five/ten/twenty years younger. Me? They just make me feel uber-moody. Think PMS … on steroids! (So to speak.)

Here are the deviltabs:


Have you ever been prescribed steroids? Do you love them or loathe them?

Quite frankly, I’ll happily tolerate a week of moodiness if my sore throat will just GO AWAY and STAY AWAY! (I don’t envy the dearly beloved, though.)


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A new toy: The Daily Mood

I have a new toy:

‘The Daily Mood’ is a stand-up flipbook containing 47 emoticon mood images and a description on the other side. The box asks: “Why should everyone in the office have to guess your mood every day?”

Um … because they’re not emotionally retarded imbeciles? (Inside voice, DB, inside voice!)

Seriously, it’s a bit of fun. It’s interesting to think of “giddy” as a mood, and I love the etymological notes (“In the mid-1980s, the term “emo” described a subgenre of hardcore rock. In the mid-1909s, the term emo began to refer to the indie music of such bands as Fugazi. These days emo is more commonly tied to the fashion of middle-class white kids than to music.”).

As my ‘office’ is populated by one at present (i.e. me) I’m tempted to use The Daily Mood in a manner for which it wasn’t intended: flip it open at random and try out the mood which presents itself; a sort of ’emotional roulette’, if you will. With such delights as Splendid, Wonky, Heroic and Focused on offer, this idea isn’t as crazy as it may seem.

Does anyone else have a new toy they’d like to talk about?



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Back from the Dread!

…the dreadful flu-like virus which has plagued my existence these last few weeks, that is ­čÖé

This is what my view has been lately:

2014-06-12 09.50.17


I don’t generally go in for a whole lot of medication when I have the flu, but I really needed that nasal decongestant to keep earache at bay, and I have to say I’m something of an evangelical convertee to Strepfen for extremely sore throats! Ibuprofen is my drug of choice for managing fever if aspirin doesn’t work, and you can’t go past good old Vicks for that “I’m sick but I’m taking care of myself” sensation.

So: what have I learnt during my few weeks of illness? Here are a few random tidbits:

  • you actually can write coherently argued assignments for university while running a fever, and even get good grades for them (I wouldn’t recommend the practice, though!)
  • reality checking your mood against the state of your viral infection is always a good thing to do
  • the WordPress community cares, and emails or posts questions about how you’re travelling – love you guys
  • just because someone says they’re being assertive doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t being aggressive (took me a while to figure that one out! …yes, I still have some work to do in the field of assertion)
  • online shopping is really fun.

Oh, and just to prove that last point, here are some ankle boots which arrived yesterday:

2014-06-11 09.13.27

They were the first pair of shoes I’d ever bought from the internet, and they fit perfectly, and I absolutely love them!

OK, guys, here’s the deal: I’m so far behind on everyone’s blogs, there’s no way I can catch up on all your wonderful news. If you have something hilarious, amazeballs, tragicsome or intriguing to share, please do so in the comments space below!

xx DB


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