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A fascinating read from a member of the DDD community

Have I mentioned before how much I love the Doing Defies Depression community on Facebook? They are a wonderful bunch of people.

Last Monday, I was feeling quite anxious before leaving the house, and a strange little thought popped into my head which made me smile and made it easier to get out the door. I posted about it, and didn’t visit Facebook again for a while. A few hours later, the post had been liked and commented upon by many people, all with lovely things to say – talk about a beautiful experience!

That was an affirming event, but today I had been going to mention an article which a DDD community member posted to the Facebook page. You can read the article for yourself here. It addresses the causes of addiction, challenging the century-old chemical model of addition, that it’s the substance itself which hooks people. Johann Hari looks at animal studies, human behaviour and decriminalisation success stories to build a case for an alternate model of addiction.

I guess it reminded me that treating depression successfully requires more than medication. Hey, I knew that – I’ve known it for years! – but it never hurts to be reminded just how important it is to take care of our whole selves, physically, emotionally, and socially.

That’s enough of my opinions for now; back to my favourite addiction – TV drama!

Enjoy your Sunday.


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20 Awesome Things To Say That Will Radically Improve Your Life



Whether you’re living with mental health issues or just muddling through life (aren’t we all?!) I loved this presentation by Jeff Hadden, and thought you might, too!



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Young Men, Study, and the Vagaries of Work

Another busy week has drawn to a close and Saturday morning is here. How I love Saturday morning! A bit of extra sleep, unstructured time, and – on a really great Saturday morning – a long chat with my friend S, who lives interstate. 

Topics on the table this morning included the foibles of young men, whether I should take a trimester off study, and the vagaries of working life. 

Young men: ah, they have a special type of energy! Which can be a good thing, or … (and I’ll leave that sentence hanging). S has some interesting young men in her life. I am eternally grateful that my two stepsons are just delightful. 

The question of study is a difficult one for me, right now. I love studying, and I generally enjoy it, but I am starting a new business venture. Given that my Lebensbedingungen* constrains the amount of energy I can output each day, I have to decide whether I can allocate sufficient time and energy to my studies to do them justice at this time. Ironically, the subject I would be letting go is “Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship”, which given that I am engaged in being innovative, creative and entrepreneurial, makes the decision even harder! 

Which brings us to the vagaries of working life. You know, work would be just fine if you didn’t have to work with idiots or for despots. I’m trying to set up my life so I work for myself again. Whether that means I’ll be working for an idiot or despot, I can’t objectively comment upon; however, I do feel fortunate to have this opportunity, and hope it comes off. I know and love a few teachers who are dedicated to their profession and boy, do they put up with a lot! Teachers cop it from all angles: from above, below, and – if they’re particularly unfortunate – from their colleagues, too. 

Well, that’s my Saturday morning to date. The sun is shining; I might take some reading out and gather some Vitamin D.

I hope your weekend starts as well as mine has! 


* German for “living conditions”. Don’t you just love German vocabulary? They have a wonderful word for everything! My living conditions include ongoing major depressive disorder, which limits the amount of energy I have available each day, and my general “oomph”. It’s frustrating, but I’m learning to work around it. 


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Sunshine and happiness

The sun is shining and I am feeling super-happy right now! 

Spring officially begins tomorrow in Australia, but I feel a definite spring in my step today. Why? Well, I have just submitted my grant application to AMP’s Tomorrow Fund, for a start. That makes me feel very good, especially as I was talking about my vision with another professional and he suggested I apply – external validation! Someone else thinks my dream’s amazing! Awesome! Having submitted it, I shall celebrate having completed that task, then try to forget about it 🙂 After all, there’s no sense in dwelling on something you have no further control over. 

Other reasons I feel particularly happy today? I’ve got a phone date with a really good friend set up for later this afternoon; my husband’s footy team won – against great odds – and will be playing in the finals series; and the second new episode of Doctor Who will be screened tonight. 

Woohoo! Life is good. 

When you live with depression over the long term, as I do, you learn to really live in these happy moments. You dwell in them, play with them, lap them up and spread the joy! … because you know, as surely as mixed metaphors frustrate the reader, there will come a time when this elation will pass. Equally well, you believe it will return again. 

So, sweetlings, I’m off to soak up some sunlight, skip through the house, be mindful of this bubbling feeling within and generally be joyful. 

May your Sunday be as satisfying as mine is turning out to be. 



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Life is a salad bar, and you’ve got a lot of your plate, man


By Helder Ribeiro from Campinas, Brazil (img_1386) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Or so said the guitar-strumming therapist from “The Millers”.

This afternoon, it’s time to practise all those stress-release techniques I’ve been perfecting. Here’s to a few hours of:

  • Realizing these stressors will pass: My therapist will come back from leave; the portentous phone call will come; the tide will turn.  
  • Directing my thoughts: There are things in life we can control, and things we can’t. There’s no point dwelling on those we can’t. (I need to check that I’m not avoiding difficult topics, but I’ve run the scan, and today’s stressors are most certainly un-dwellable.)
  • Ditching the diet: Yes, I am trying to lose weight, but weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Furthermore, studies have shown that willpower is a commodity which decreases as the day progresses. I’m going to put my efforts into controlling my thoughts, not controlling my calorie intake.
  • Relishing small pleasures: The feel of fur-lined slippers; the comfort of pappy TV comedy; the warmth of tea crossing my tongue.

How do you cope when there’s a lot on your plate?



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