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Three things I’ll be doing today to make life easier

The prospect of a busy day can seem like a very steep hill indeed ...

The prospect of a busy day can seem like a very steep hill indeed …

It’s Monday morning, and I’m staring down the barrel of another jam-packed week. Last week was also busy, and at times I felt overwhelmed – ugh! Today, there are three things I’m going to do to maintain my equilibrium: 

1. Focus on just one thing. When life presents us with “too much to do”, I find it helpful to think about the big picture, and plan accordingly, but then focus on the details; in particular, the detail I’m taking care of right now. Dwelling on the big picture can lead to feeling overwhelmed, and that’s a definite no-no for me! 

2. Schedule downtime. Not only will the unexpected happen to throw carefully-planned schedules out the window, but planned breaks help keep the mind fresh. Anxiety is not one’s friend when faced with many things to do. 

3. Eat healthy snacks regularly and mindfully. Otherwise, I can tend to eat almost unconsciously – and then, boy oh boy do those snacks pile up! Not everyone needs to lose weight, but I do, for health reasons. A stress-filled day might be a recipe for diet blow-out, unless I plan in advance. 

So, those are the three things I’ll be doing today to help cope with my enormous ‘To Do’ list. Out of interest, do you have any strategies which help you get through the busy times?


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Free of the Devildrugs! Hooray!

It’s 10:24AM as I type these words, and my body is finally – and thankfully! – free of that blasted prednisolone.

Boy, was that a horrid trip! I experienced all sorts of nasty, nasty side effects, ranging from paranoia to weird twitchings in my chest to extreme agitation … not great for anyone, let alone someone who struggles with mood and anxiety issues at the best of times.

As it turned out, I was able to see my own GP yesterday, which was a stroke of luck, it being a Sunday and all. We still don’t know why my throat is sore. He hypothesizes it’s something in my environment. I got a second opinion from a relative today, who says it may simply be a low-grade virus which just keeps on coming back. I tend towards the latter: it feels more like a virus than an allergic reaction.

This morning, I have been so glad to be poison-free that I have enjoyed some time in my much-neglected garden, planting out 200 bulbs in preparation for spring. I’m not sure how they’ll do against the various predations of the neighbour’s puppy, voracious grazing birds and stray balls/heavy sneakers of the kids on the street – but, fingers crossed, September will bring a delightful display of beautiful flowers.

Ironically, I just learnt that some of the bulbs I planted out are, in fact, poisonous. I had been going to type a paragraph waxing lyrical about the symbolism of planting ugly bulbs in the hope of beautiful blooms, and waiting patiently for my sore throat to go away, but as I feel I was ‘poisoned’ by the prednisolone, I don’t think I will!

Instead, I’ll leave you with a cheerful picture of some jonquils. May your day be happy, healthy and toxin-free.

Jonquils02 aug 2007.jpg
Jonquils02 aug 2007“. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Wikimedia Commons.


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On Steroids!

Yes, you heard me – the GP inspected my long-sore throat this morning, and decided a course of steroids was the way to go.


I know some people love being on steroids: depending on their age, they’ll bounce about, claiming to feel five/ten/twenty years younger. Me? They just make me feel uber-moody. Think PMS … on steroids! (So to speak.)

Here are the deviltabs:


Have you ever been prescribed steroids? Do you love them or loathe them?

Quite frankly, I’ll happily tolerate a week of moodiness if my sore throat will just GO AWAY and STAY AWAY! (I don’t envy the dearly beloved, though.)


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I took this picture today:

2014-06-25 14.35.38

It sums up how I’m feeling in so many ways: the bleak grey of the sky, which seems greyer in memory than pixels, and those denuded branches, yearning sunwards for winter light.

I’m not particularly low in mood today, but I do have a sore throat again. Seriously, it’s been, what – about a month now, on and off? I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. Maybe I have tonsillitis and need antibiotics. Perhaps all I need is amputation from the neck up.

These branches looked so dramatically black against the sky behind them. They reminded me that black-and-white thinking can dominate the foreground of our mental landscape, if we let it; we have to take off our “depression goggles” and appreciate the shades of grey which might be lurking in the background. I firmly believe that, almost always, the truth lies in the grey zone.

Speaking of colour, I visited an art gallery yesterday and saw some beautiful paintings from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. Such colours! Such attention to detail! There were also some books, printed from woodcuts. Woodcuts! People really worked back then. Not that we don’t work now, of course; I don’t mean that – but the sheer manual effort that went into making things … compared to me pushing a few buttons to create this post, it’s incredible. No wonder they wanted to paint the beautiful clothes of the aristocracy, when each thread, pearl and tassel was produced by hand.

Well, that’s a delicate sufficiency of random wintry thoughts for now.  Be well!



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Gratitude List

Wow, what a week it’s been! As I type this on Friday morning Australian time, I’m looking back on a week of physical health and ill-health, hope and disappointment, boredom, procrastination and discipline, loneliness and the unexpected joy of new connections as well as the ongoing support of friends and loved ones … phew. And there’s still today to go! 

Clearly, now is a good time to write a gratitude list. In this moment, I am grateful:

  • to the business mentor I met with yesterday, who was able to offer me ideas beyond my imagining
  • for Strepfen throat lozenges, which really do help with inflamed and painful sore throats (not a paid advertisement, I assure you!)
  • to the staff at my credit union, who although they scared me with the amount of information about me and my bank transactions they were able to pull up in moments, were able to provide sound financial advice and help over the phone
  • for the fact that today is a less busy “rest-ish” day (it’s not quite a rest day, but almost!)
  • and, of course and always, for food in the pantry, tea in the pot and drinkable water from the taps.

Using the word advisedly, I am indeed lucky to have been born an Australian, and to be surrounded by wonderful people.

I’m grateful!

thanks heart


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