MMHA Cover2

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Looking something fresh and different about depression and anxiety? This book explores one woman’s experience of mental illness through twenty-six intriguing vignettes. Whether she’s contemplating her dysfunctional relationship with anger, reminiscing about life-affirming moments in the midst of deep depression, or meditating on the nature of mental illness, Dysthmia Bree presents a thought-provoking collection of essays which will inspire, comfort and challenge the reader. Described as “freaking beautiful descriptive prose”, “visceral-emotional descriptions” and as “[one of the few writers who] can send a little thrill down my spine”, Dysthymia Bree’s writing will appeal both to sufferers of depression and anxiety and those seeking to understand what a loved one is living through. Intelligent, witty, raw – this book probes both the far reaches of depression and anxiety, and the grind of living with those diagnoses everyday.

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