Recommended Reading


A short, sharp and inexpensive e-book which will give you the low-down on therapy and counselling. Invaluable if you’re considering therapy – or if, like me, you just want to learn more about the process! Read my full review here.




The protagonist in this well-written novel finds her way out of a desperate situation by taking action to regain control of her life. Read my full review here.



Clicking on the images of these books will take you to their page on I’m an Amazon associate, which means that I get a teeny tiny reward if you purchase one of these books after clicking on the link, but don’t worry – it doesn’t cost you a cent!

One response to “Recommended Reading

  1. Hi, I’m also really interested in the therapy process, and although I don’t normally do ‘shameless advertising’ 😉 I just wondered if you might find this interesting?
    I’m pretty sure you must have read Yalom, but it would be interesting to know what you think!


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