Chan and Sukumaran finally executed

Barbarism is barbarism, whether it’s in our own backyard or elsewhere on the planet. The death penalty is barbaric, as are other policies or procedures which systemically deprive persons of life, health and home.
Today we are faced with brutal evidence of humanity’s collective capacity for inhumanity. Chan and Sukumaran will not be forgotten. My question for you is this: What can we do – as individuals, communities and as a nation – to make the world a better place?

Myuran Sukumaran

Photo credit: The New Daily

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One response to “Chan and Sukumaran finally executed

  1. I think that humans, as a species, are lacking in empathy and compassion. We are divided by religious and political differences. We are governed by laws that make no sense.
    We have countries where millions suffer, starving and lacking basic human needs, where in other countries billions of dollars are spent on keeping the war machine fed.
    We must teach our children to be kind. To consider our footprint on the earth. Be aware of how our actions impact on nature and other creatures that inhabit the planet.
    If we have to outlaw anything, let’s make it illegal to be cruel, to impose religious dogma, to have class systems or gender bias.
    Individually we can be loving and kind and just hope that it becomes infectious enough to make a difference.


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