Placid waters – right?

I took this picture a few years ago when my husband and I were visiting Mount Gambier:

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

It was one of our best holidays ever, a short but delightful few days spent in each other’s company enjoying sunshine, beauty and peace.

The image of a lake came to me today as I sat here, before my laptop, considering my extensive To Do list. Yes, yes, I know it’s Easter Sunday – but this list isn’t going to go away of its own accord!

“That’s a lot of work to get done,” I thought to myself, realizing that although there were only eight items on my list, seven of those were quite complex. Ugh. I felt my mind begin to churn, ideas thrashing about, each little part of me wanting to have its say on the best way to do this or what to avoid when doing that; it wasn’t fun.

Anyway, that’s when the image of Blue Lake came to mind.

Blue Lake lies in the crater of an extinct volcano. It’s quite deep, and holds a lot of water, but on the surface it looks calm, doesn’t it? It could be just a shallow little pond or dam, lying innocently beneath a big blue sky.

I resolved that was how I would use my mind today. I know it has a lot of capacity and capability, but I will simply access those bits as I need them, one at a time, so my surface doesn’t become ruffled. I would have faith that what I need is there, beneath the surface, just waiting for me to use it; but there is no need to go rummaging around and making waves: what I need will come to me, at the right time, without agitation.

OK, back to it! I promised myself a little dose of electronic valium after I cross the next item off my list 🙂

Just wondering – does this image of Blue Lake speak to you at all? What does it say?

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  1. You figured something huge out, Blue Lake can set you free!

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