The Intern

Internships aren’t really big in Australia. There are a few theories about why: Australians’ commitment to fair wages, and the ambiguity under employment law, are probably the leading two reasons. However, three weeks ago I advertised for a volunteer intern, and was receiving quality applications within twelve hours.

Claire has been helping me out with social media for Doing Defies Depression. She is an absolute star! We meet once a week to talk strategy, mutual support and mentoring. I am learning a lot from her, and I hope the feeling’s mutual. I’ll let her use her own words as introduction:


I am very excited to be taking on this internship with Catie, and I look forward to connecting with you all! Allow me to tell you a little about myself…
I have a background in performance including theatre Acting, Screen Acting, Immersive Theatre, Improvised Performance, Puppetry, Hosting, Directing and various other behind the scenes roles.
Since forming a theatre company last year with other creative professionals (TBC Theatre) I found myself managing our online marketing, I enjoy the work so much that I am now studying full time at The University of Melbourne doing a Masters of Marketing Communications.
Mental health has been a huge factor in my life, whether it’s the little devil on my back, weighing me down and swinging me around. Or it feels like the old friend who welcomes me back into the dark corner where I can cry and never leave the house.
The great thing about working as an actor (or one of the great things) is that I was forced to take a good, hard look at who I was deep down and start working with what I had, I couldn’t ignore it anymore.
Personal management, especially when your sinking, is the hardest thing to do. I believe that I am my own hero when I’m lost, and sometimes I need some guidance to give me the strength to be my hero.
This is why I find Doing Defies Depression a very inspiring business, I believe there needs to be an open community of support, so we can find our potential and strength to be our own heroes.
Once again, I look forward to connecting with you through Facebook and Twitter (and soon Instagram!).
Thank you for having me.
– Claire



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5 responses to “The Intern

  1. I just went for a look at your website for doing defies depression. what an awesome venture! I am moving to Australia next month because of the break up of my 7 year relationship. I am not coping with it (his idea, obviously) and my sisters both live on the Gold Coast. I struggle every day at the moment with how to get to tomorrow and seeing that there are people out there working to help minions like me, fills me with hope. So continue to be amazing!! I love your blog, and look forward to seeing all your new ventures. xx

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    • Oh thank you! That is lovely feedback. I’m sorry to hear about your breakup – never easy – but, for what it’s worth, you can connect with a great group of DDD people on Facebook: 🙂 Perhaps you’ll find someone living near you who can act as an extra support. Good luck with the move!


  2. I loved this post, I loved learning about your work – it makes such sense and I had never thought of it before – and I loved Claire’s description of depression, .”whether it’s the little devil on my back, weighing me down and swinging me around. Or it feels like the old friend who welcomes me back into the dark corner where I can cry and never leave the house.” YES!
    I have been working on my Facebook page I’ll find yours and connect there.
    smiles, gerry

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