Eating almonds

I’ve been working with a nutritionist for a few months now to try and bring my weight down in a healthy way. One of the biggest issues was that I felt hungry all the time – and I’m sure you can imagine the level of conflict that created inside my head!

“I want to eat.”

“You don’t need to eat, you just feel the urge to eat.”

“Well, yes; but still, I want to eat.”

“You don’t need to eat, and you shouldn’t be over-eating, so stop feeling that way!”

“I can’t help the way I feel! I WANT TO EAT!”

“You’re a bad person!!!”

… well, you know what “depression goggles” can do to a gal.

Anyway, within three weeks of working with Rob, I’d lost the constant urge to eat – except when under extreme stress, but that’s another story.

Another great joy was discovering how much I love almonds: just plain, raw almonds, which are on my eating plan every day (10-15 of them at 5pm).

I got to wondering why I loved eating almonds so much. It’s got to the stage that I almost crave them, so I wondered whether perhaps they were meeting a nutritional need other foods weren’t providing: it was time to go researching!

According to Medical News Today, almonds are packed with vitamins, fibre, minerals and protein – in fact, that little handful I consume at 5pm contains one-eighth of my daily protein requirements. They lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. Yay!

The Guardian adds that almonds are one of the richest sources of vitamin E, which protects against Alzheimer’s and UV light damage – always something to be mindful of in Australia. indicates some environmental concerns associated with almonds grown in California, but as I only consume Australian almonds, I think I can continue to enjoy them with a clear heart (yes, that poor pun was intended, dear reader).

Unfortunately, being nuts (or, technically, seeds) they’re also somewhat calorie-dense, so I can’t munch away to my heart’s delight; however, I do look forward to my daily handful.

Do you love almonds, too? Or is there another wonderful food you enjoy?



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4 responses to “Eating almonds

  1. When I found out I had reactive hypoglycaemia, I started eating almonds all the time to make sure I was getting enough protein and to stop myself from feeling weak. I actually keep little baggies of Blue Diamond almonds in my purse, school bag, car, and even my coat pockets to make sure I always have them with me just in case!


  2. At the moment, I can’t get enough of fresh raspberries. 😀

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