Lessons Learned from Crowdfunding

Did you know I’ve been crowdfunding these last five weeks? Probably not, as you haven’t heard much from me! I chose to keep my campaign local – local to my suburb, and “local” to my Facebook presence (my friends, and the community which has gathered around the Doing Defies Depression Facebook page). I’ve spent hours and hours down at the local railway station, chatting with commuters and getting to know other locals. I’ve visited over one hundred local businesses, asking for support.

Why all this effort? Well, I’ve been crowdfunding to source capital for a social enterprise, in which proceeds from an online gift store will subsidize services for people living with depression. The campaign still has 25 hours to run as I type, so if you’re interested, you can pledge here.

I’ve learnt so much over the past five weeks! Let me share some lessons with you:

  • Doing really does Defy Depression. (That’s why the action arm of my social enterprise is called “Doing Defies Depression” – duh!) This campaign has been so very curative – as well as challenging, draining, emotional, challenging, challenging …
  • Crowdfunding solo is very hard. If I ever do this again – perish the thought! – it will be with a team gathered around me.
  • Everyone has a story about depression. Each time I did a shift at the local railway station, I heard new stories and picked up new perspectives. Even the bloke who heckled me two days in a row before finally striking up a meaningful conversation had something to say, something he wanted to talk about. Fascinating stuff!
  • Results don’t always define us. I might reach my target, I might not, but I have worked hard, been open to new experiences, put myself out there (and therefore on the line) and done my best. In this light, the campaign is “successful” already. [Mind you, as Pozible operates on an all-or-nothing model, I won’t see any reward for all my hard work if we don’t reach the target! I’ll have to work on being cool with that. It will be a very good exercise for me.]

Trust you’re all well, and we’ll chat soon!

XOXO Catie

P.S.: The picture is of “A Round Tuit”. If you’ve been meaning to pledge to my campaign but haven’t yet got around to it (get it?) then now is the time, with just 24 hours left to go!


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4 responses to “Lessons Learned from Crowdfunding

  1. Kudos. In your fight against depression you have done something many, possibly including myself, are too timid to do.
    I feel like I have put myself out there when I click publish.


    • You have indeed, Dave 🙂
      I am slowly getting a teensy, weensy bit better at not comparing myself to other people, with all the “shoulds” that go along with that. Definitely still at the baby steps stage, though!


  2. rod

    You are doing very well, and better than I would be doing. I know this because marketing my own books goes against the grain, though i am trying to learn.


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