Crowdfunding, Catie-style

My crowdfunding campaign would not exist without the support of my many friends and helpers. However, I’ve been an active part of the process, and wanted to share some of my experiences with you:

I haven’t written much lately. Why? Well, apart from that little medical emergency 17 days ago resulting in a general anaesthetic (ugh) and surgery (phew), I’ve been busy crowdfunding. It seems these days I can manage just one major project at a time!

I’m raising money through Pozible for services to support people living with depression. I cobbled together a little video above to show how I’ve been doing it. I’ve gone very “local” for this campaign, focussing on my suburb and on two Facebook communities – my personal friends and networks, and people who like the Doing Defies Depression Facebook page. (Check it out, if you haven’t already! They’re a great bunch of people.)

Now, it might seem like a definite no-brainer, but I haven’t yet approached the mental health community here on WordPress directly for support of my Pozible campaign. Why? I don’t know. I suspect that between the busy-ness of campaigning locally and the exhaustion of recovering from surgery, my brain has been addled 🙂 Anyway, if you are willing, so am I! Please consider pledging here. There are three good reasons to do so:

1. The feelgood factor. Who doesn’t love supporting a good cause?

2. There’s a wonderful range of rewards on offer – something for everyone! You could almost finish your Christmas shopping right here, right now.

3. If the campaign is successful, monies raised will be used to fund services for people living with depression. (If the campaign doesn’t reach its target, no money gets collected, and I’ll just go quietly sob in a corner for a while.)

As I type, we need less than AU$1.5k, having raised over AU$8.5 – a pretty awesome effort to date. Yay team! However, we have just three (yes, 3) days to go, so if you’re going to pledge, now is the time to do so. Click here and follow the instructions.

Thanks so much!


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7 responses to “Crowdfunding, Catie-style

  1. Wow. So great to put a face to the name Miss Catie. I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing since our last email a few weeks ago.
    Go get ’em girl.


    • Thanks, darl! Since that email I went “down the rabbithole” that is crowdfunding, had a medical emergency and an operation, and have learnt A LOT. It’s been a time of great growth and excitement. Life! It’s wonderful!


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