A Coming Out Post

Hello friends! I shot this video about 10 days ago. Then, before I got a chance to post it, I was violently ill for a day … suffered increasing abdominal pain for another day … was admitted to the emergency department … and underwent surgery early last Monday morning. So here, at last, is the video I wanted you to see over a week ago!

This will find its permanent home under the “About” tab, as it describes the evolution of this blog from the cathartic writings of last year’s deep, deep depression to the more purpose-driven posts you’ll read henceforth. It’s not a clever video, it’s not well edited or slicklyΒ put together or any of those things, but hopefully it gets the message across.

Much love to you all, from ME – Catie Morrison, who lives in Melbourne, Victoria (aka Dysthymia Bree).


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21 responses to “A Coming Out Post

  1. Oh first please know I am sending healing thoughts and prayers flying your way. Also thank you for this courageous post! Wishing you continued health and well being. ❀


    • Thank you, Cindy! It’s always lovely to receive kind good wishes, and especially from a person who’s beautiful, inside and out. Looking forward to heading over to your blog later today and catching up on your news.
      x Catie


  2. You are amazing for doing this! It’s really nice to “meet” you, Catie and I think your campaign sounds great. I smiled so much watching this video and the previous one because I could see how passionate you are about the store and all of the ideas which you have. I hope you’re feeling better after the surgery. X


    • Thank you so much! I really appreciate hearing from you πŸ™‚ I haven’t been in the blogosphere much lately, so I look forward to dropping by your blog later today and reading what’s been going on for you. Thanks again, Catie X


  3. You are such a brave person! Hopefully you recovered well from the surgery. I’m really glad to see such a positive message from you, and I wish you all the best with your upcoming plans. Keep going, you rock πŸ™‚


  4. How wonderful that you have not only recovered but found a calling from it. Your sweet light shines through your video. Thank you for sharing it with us and very best of luck on this new phase of life!


  5. rod

    Well done. I’m sure I couldn’t have done this.


  6. I hope you are healing well!


  7. I am absolutely amazed by your strength! It’s not easy to come out and tell people you’ve been living with depression.. I’ve done the same and hopefully I’ll get out of it soon just as you have πŸ™‚ Keep going girl! Your strength is contagious!


  8. Wow. It is so lovely to “meet” you. I was offline for a while and my first thought was to check your site, given that when I was online, I had the pleasure to read your posts daily. I was teary watching your video, your strength emanates and seeing you move forward and helping others is beyond admirable. I hope I can help participate, though I am in North America (and honestly would rather be in Melbourne.) I was watching “Please Like Me” and was amazed that psychiatric wards where people can come and go where available to those who need it. Here, there are never any beds and private facilities can literally bankrupt you. Anyway, it was so nice to have a face and lovely voice to the posts I have read. I hope you keep up the good work and keep us informed on how to help as well. All my very, very best for you!


    • Thank you so, so much! And I’m sorry it’s taken such a long time to reply. I was busy in other arenas and took some time off WP, though I was shocked to see precisely how much time, lol! I hope you’re keeping well. Look forward to staying in touch a little more regularly!

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      • i think of you often – especially that video you posted where you seem so present and alive. now that i am trying to take steps in a positive direction i think of where you were and your struggles and how you have created such a fantastic support system that helps protect and provide for your health. you really are an example…i just have to figure out the path but i’m working on it! i hope you are still moving forward and taking care of yourself!

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      • I am! I had a hiccup, but have moved on. Shining again now πŸ™‚

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