Belly Laughs and Bitching

Boy, has this week been an emotional roller-coaster! I was happy to notice that I had been able to distinguish my “stuff” from someone else’s “stuff”; then I was lured into a low mood by that bullying, before realizing that this up/down state of affairs showed that I was in transition from a former, less adaptive way of dealing with stressors to a newer, more healthy one.

This week I’ve been fortunate to hold a range of conversations. My therapist helped me to put these events in their proper context; my confidants comforted me by pouring scorn on the source of the hurt, and my sister not only provided further context but also made me laugh and laugh and laugh, until my sides hurt.

While I am, as always, grateful to my therapist for his wise counsel, I must admit the other two types of conversation provided a more instant gratification! Belly laughs and bitching, the latest DB prescription for when life places a bastard in your path.

May your path be clear of bastards; but if one should appear, may their influence disappear in a cloud of muscle spasms and four letter words.



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5 responses to “Belly Laughs and Bitching

  1. Love it! I will have to try this out with my bully.


  2. Love it! Good prescriptive advice. 😀 Laughing and bitching does sound pretty awesome.


    • It worked wonders for me 🙂 Definitely going into the permanent toolkit! With that careful distinction between bitching and venting, of course 😉 Oh, dammit, I’ve just tied myself – linguistic linguine! This is one time when bitching is definitely permissible, probably because it’s venting disguised as bitching. *mind pops*


  3. Love it. Bitching with your friends and family always helps right?


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