Three things I’ll be doing today to make life easier

The prospect of a busy day can seem like a very steep hill indeed ...

The prospect of a busy day can seem like a very steep hill indeed …

It’s Monday morning, and I’m staring down the barrel of another jam-packed week. Last week was also busy, and at times I felt overwhelmed – ugh! Today, there are three things I’m going to do to maintain my equilibrium: 

1. Focus on just one thing. When life presents us with “too much to do”, I find it helpful to think about the big picture, and plan accordingly, but then focus on the details; in particular, the detail I’m taking care of right now. Dwelling on the big picture can lead to feeling overwhelmed, and that’s a definite no-no for me! 

2. Schedule downtime. Not only will the unexpected happen to throw carefully-planned schedules out the window, but planned breaks help keep the mind fresh. Anxiety is not one’s friend when faced with many things to do. 

3. Eat healthy snacks regularly and mindfully. Otherwise, I can tend to eat almost unconsciously – and then, boy oh boy do those snacks pile up! Not everyone needs to lose weight, but I do, for health reasons. A stress-filled day might be a recipe for diet blow-out, unless I plan in advance. 

So, those are the three things I’ll be doing today to help cope with my enormous ‘To Do’ list. Out of interest, do you have any strategies which help you get through the busy times?


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8 responses to “Three things I’ll be doing today to make life easier

  1. I find that when I am stressed I reach or the biscuit barrel. Not a good thing. Planned meals sounds like the way to go.


  2. rod

    I think I hope it works for you. I have no ability to schedule downtime.


  3. Jay

    Thanks for the advice DB… It was really needed xx


  4. I try to do something nice for myself. Something that makes me feel whole, like writing, reading, walking, watching a good movie, getting in a horse riding lesson and yes, indulging in something delicious. But, I’m with you on that being a slippery slope. I eat for every and any reason imaginable. It’s catching up with me. There’s a funny saying, “It’s all fun and games until your jeans don’t fit.” I’m not there yet, but boy am I close. Good luck to you!


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