Young Men, Study, and the Vagaries of Work

Another busy week has drawn to a close and Saturday morning is here. How I love Saturday morning! A bit of extra sleep, unstructured time, and – on a really great Saturday morning – a long chat with my friend S, who lives interstate. 

Topics on the table this morning included the foibles of young men, whether I should take a trimester off study, and the vagaries of working life. 

Young men: ah, they have a special type of energy! Which can be a good thing, or … (and I’ll leave that sentence hanging). S has some interesting young men in her life. I am eternally grateful that my two stepsons are just delightful. 

The question of study is a difficult one for me, right now. I love studying, and I generally enjoy it, but I am starting a new business venture. Given that my Lebensbedingungen* constrains the amount of energy I can output each day, I have to decide whether I can allocate sufficient time and energy to my studies to do them justice at this time. Ironically, the subject I would be letting go is “Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship”, which given that I am engaged in being innovative, creative and entrepreneurial, makes the decision even harder! 

Which brings us to the vagaries of working life. You know, work would be just fine if you didn’t have to work with idiots or for despots. I’m trying to set up my life so I work for myself again. Whether that means I’ll be working for an idiot or despot, I can’t objectively comment upon; however, I do feel fortunate to have this opportunity, and hope it comes off. I know and love a few teachers who are dedicated to their profession and boy, do they put up with a lot! Teachers cop it from all angles: from above, below, and – if they’re particularly unfortunate – from their colleagues, too. 

Well, that’s my Saturday morning to date. The sun is shining; I might take some reading out and gather some Vitamin D.

I hope your weekend starts as well as mine has! 


* German for “living conditions”. Don’t you just love German vocabulary? They have a wonderful word for everything! My living conditions include ongoing major depressive disorder, which limits the amount of energy I have available each day, and my general “oomph”. It’s frustrating, but I’m learning to work around it. 


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10 responses to “Young Men, Study, and the Vagaries of Work

  1. ocdjm

    I like the post. Have a good weekend. It’s still Friday night here. We’ve have a bit too much drink right now. Thanks for following me and your comments. JM


  2. Lebensbedingungen is a great word. And I need to try to remember to make adjustments to living with my own Lebensbedingungen, sometimes I get a bit too excited and try to do too much, which just sets me up to fail.


  3. It sounds as if you are motoring along. I need to get back into my studies because I know that if I don’t finish this course, they will hit me with extra fees until I finish (or pull out and lose the lot). I found out yesterday that my local library also offer free online courses in over 500 subjects. I’m seriously looking into that as a bit of a change from the ‘heavy’ study that I need to pick up again.


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