Hello Monday!


My Monday looks nothing like this, but it’s a refreshing view, and I imagine a quick dip in these chill waters would be very refreshing! You certainly wouldn’t retain any wooliness in the head afterwards.

I had a strange night. It’s entirely my fault; I lay down and wasn’t disciplined enough with my thinking. “I’ll do a visualization!” I thought, imagining my body surrounded by love emanating from my heart, not remembering that such things tend to set my mind racing and keep sleep at bay. Eventually I got up, and got the midnight munchies – not a great urge if you’re trying to lose weight. About 1am I was ‘nightmare surfing’, having one nightmare and waking up gasping, falling asleep again for 4-5 minutes, then waking up … ugh. By 1:30, I’d discovered a new way to deal with recurrent nightmares: as you’re falling asleep and the nightmare begins, try to stay in a semi-sleep state and remind yourself over and over that it’s all just a dream. In this way I managed to return to sleep and stay asleep … only dreaming I was having nightmares! The mind is a wonderful thing. Still, I got another five hours of sleep, which is a positive.

Ah well, today’s a new day, and it’s a day I feel good and excited about. This week is going to be wonderful! I can just feel it.

Do you have anything exciting happening this week?



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2 responses to “Hello Monday!

  1. missed you…glad you’re back. I hate those late-nightmares…


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