Sunshine and happiness

The sun is shining and I am feeling super-happy right now! 

Spring officially begins tomorrow in Australia, but I feel a definite spring in my step today. Why? Well, I have just submitted my grant application to AMP’s Tomorrow Fund, for a start. That makes me feel very good, especially as I was talking about my vision with another professional and he suggested I apply – external validation! Someone else thinks my dream’s amazing! Awesome! Having submitted it, I shall celebrate having completed that task, then try to forget about it 🙂 After all, there’s no sense in dwelling on something you have no further control over. 

Other reasons I feel particularly happy today? I’ve got a phone date with a really good friend set up for later this afternoon; my husband’s footy team won – against great odds – and will be playing in the finals series; and the second new episode of Doctor Who will be screened tonight. 

Woohoo! Life is good. 

When you live with depression over the long term, as I do, you learn to really live in these happy moments. You dwell in them, play with them, lap them up and spread the joy! … because you know, as surely as mixed metaphors frustrate the reader, there will come a time when this elation will pass. Equally well, you believe it will return again. 

So, sweetlings, I’m off to soak up some sunlight, skip through the house, be mindful of this bubbling feeling within and generally be joyful. 

May your Sunday be as satisfying as mine is turning out to be. 



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10 responses to “Sunshine and happiness

  1. It’s sunny in Sydney too and it is lovely! It definitely has boosted my mood. I am going to sit in the park for a while 🙂


  2. It’s nice to hear from you again, Bree. 🙂 I’m glad you’re doing well, and I’m totally jealous of your spring weather, as it’s starting to cool off here in the US. Enjoy!


    • Thank you so much! Yes, it really is beautiful here right now 🙂 And I live in the south-east corner of Australia, where the weather isn’t always delightful, and there is a DECIDED difference between winter and spring. I’ll send thoughts of sunshine your way XX


  3. rod

    I agree that there is no point dwelling on that which we have no control over. In fact, this thought keeps me going.


  4. We are expecting almost-summer type temps today. I am enjoying it so much.


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