I’m Baaaack!

Hello everyone!

This is my first post after an extended time away from WordPress. It’s great to be back, and this morning it’s been really lovely to catch up on comments, etc. I especially appreciate everyone who “dropped by” to make sure I was OK during my absence. I’ve thanked you all in reply comments, but here it is again – THANK YOU! We are indeed a community, and I’m grateful for your care. 

You’ll notice a couple of changes on my site over the coming weeks. I’ve already altered the title of this blog to reflect its new direction. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about focusing on improving quality of life while we’re still depressed, instead of waiting to be “cured”. What do you think? Possible, improbable, impossible? I’d love to hear your opinion! 

Thanks again for your love and care during my period of “lying fallow”. 

xx DB


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21 responses to “I’m Baaaack!

  1. Glad you’re back! I’ve missed your voice around here.


  2. It’s good to have you back and hear you’re well! I like the new title and think this is a great direction to take your blog 🙂 Welcome back and best wishes for the upcoming changes–can’t wait to see what’s in store!


  3. I think the new direction your blog will be taking sounds great. There is no magical cure (yet?) for depression but I look forward to reading your ideas on improving life quality. Welcome back!


  4. Welcome back and best wishes for the journey forward 🙂


  5. Living well with depression is a lovely positive title – welcome back! 🙂


  6. I love the new title and I’m so glad to see you back 🙂


  7. I think the title is awesome and learning to live with depression is wonderful. I have told my son, that it is living a ‘new normal’.


  8. I think learning to improve quality of life while living with depression/anxiety etc is the *only* way forward, because a very big part of me doesn’t believe there is such thing as a cure.


    • I think that whether there’s a cure or not, improving quality of life is a good thing! I think this needs to be said, because (a) when you’re depressed, your quality of life decreases, and (b) it’s just so easy to slump when you’re down … I know. But I also know what I can do to counter that 🙂


  9. So glad to see you in the blogosphere again. Xx


  10. I think thats exactly the focus the mental health community needs… how can we live a good quality life whilst also being depressed, or whatever other diagnosis we have.

    I also took a hiatus from wordpress because i was discovering this very theory for myself. How can I stop trying to change who I am and “cure” myself and just learn how to live the best with the life I already have.

    I realized that I will most likely always suffer from level depression. But there are times when I have good days or weeks. Its do-able. I don’t need to be cured, I just need to do the best I can and when it’s not a good day I can still do good!!


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