Gratitude List

It’s early morning and I should be arranging flights interstate to attend the funeral on Monday, but I’m in the grip of inertia and can’t find the energy to get going. What to do? Write a gratitude list, of course.

In this moment, I am grateful:

  • that time sometimes slumps, and sometimes flies
  • that we can remember a life well lived; memory is indeed something to value
  • for sleep without drugs, and for the skills which allow me to enjoy it, however fleetingly
  • to my ever-generous parents. I didn’t need help this time, but appreciate you offering nonetheless
  • that relationships are rarely set in stone. They’re rubbery, elastic, weirdly plastic things; non-Newtonian fluids
  • to my therapist who, not knowing my grandmother had died, called before he went on leave with the name of someone else I could talk to in extremis, if necessary
  • for the wonder that is libraries: books! Books! BOOKS!
  • for tea in the pot and food in the pantry; because, like birth, death and kindness, it’s these “simple” things which are the stuff of life.

I hope that, whenever your Friday arrives, it is a good day. I trust that mine will be.


thanks heart


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2 responses to “Gratitude List

  1. Thinking of you at this time. I’m currently travelling and won’t be home for another week but I’ll keep checking in on you when we can get a place with wifi or my phone is charged. lol Yell out if you need anything.


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