Free of the Devildrugs! Hooray!

It’s 10:24AM as I type these words, and my body is finally – and thankfully! – free of that blasted prednisolone.

Boy, was that a horrid trip! I experienced all sorts of nasty, nasty side effects, ranging from paranoia to weird twitchings in my chest to extreme agitation … not great for anyone, let alone someone who struggles with mood and anxiety issues at the best of times.

As it turned out, I was able to see my own GP yesterday, which was a stroke of luck, it being a Sunday and all. We still don’t know why my throat is sore. He hypothesizes it’s something in my environment. I got a second opinion from a relative today, who says it may simply be a low-grade virus which just keeps on coming back. I tend towards the latter: it feels more like a virus than an allergic reaction.

This morning, I have been so glad to be poison-free that I have enjoyed some time in my much-neglected garden, planting out 200 bulbs in preparation for spring. I’m not sure how they’ll do against the various predations of the neighbour’s puppy, voracious grazing birds and stray balls/heavy sneakers of the kids on the street – but, fingers crossed, September will bring a delightful display of beautiful flowers.

Ironically, I just learnt that some of the bulbs I planted out are, in fact, poisonous. I had been going to type a paragraph waxing lyrical about the symbolism of planting ugly bulbs in the hope of beautiful blooms, and waiting patiently for my sore throat to go away, but as I feel I was ‘poisoned’ by the prednisolone, I don’t think I will!

Instead, I’ll leave you with a cheerful picture of some jonquils. May your day be happy, healthy and toxin-free.

Jonquils02 aug 2007.jpg
Jonquils02 aug 2007“. Licensed under GFDL 1.2 via Wikimedia Commons.


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9 responses to “Free of the Devildrugs! Hooray!

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  2. Yay! So glad you are feeling better, or at least toxin-free. Have you tried honey for your throat?


  3. Ergh, sorry to hear the drugs were so nasty to you :/ But hooray, you’re free of them! Hopefully your bulbs will indeed prevail against all the odds and give you a beautiful display come spring 🙂


  4. 200 bulbs – wow!! What kinds?


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