Up and Down the Scale

So, it turns out steroids and I aren’t such great mates, after all. After increasingly  bad symptoms yesterday, and only 5 hours sleep last night (despite retiring to bed to avoid demons at 6pm), I called a nurse at 5:15am this morning. She advised me to get to a doctor within 4 hours, but the idea of going to an ER as the dregs of Saturday night ebb away didn’t appeal, so I’m waiting until my pharmacy opens and will call them instead.

This whole episode has reminded me of how we go up and down the scale of human needs as required. Yesterday, the delightful suzjones wrote about being a “gunna” which got me thinking about higher-level drives towards self-actualization and the like. Now I’m back down the bottom of that hierarchy of drives, just doing things needed to stay well and out of harm’s way.

I know all will be well, if I just avoid confronting situations and wait for this  blasted drug to exit my system. Knowing everything’s going to be OK doesn’t make it feel any better in these moments,  though.

All will be well, all will be well, and all manner of things will be well!





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7 responses to “Up and Down the Scale

  1. Hang in there babe. I took some pain killers the other day for my migraine but in my haste to get rid of the damn headache, I didn’t take the tablets with food. Poor, poor choice. I had hallucinations, couldn’t walk straight, couldn’t sleep without startling awake feeling as if I was choking and seriously bad nausea. I knew they would be out of my system in a few more hours but I drank as much water as I could stand and ate and then dozed sitting up (because laying down made it worse). I struggled and struggled. So whilst, I do not know exactly what you are going through, I do know what prescription drugs can do to a person.
    Take care. Hope the chemist gives you good advice.


  2. How are you feeling now? Have you spoken to the pharmacist yet?


    • Yes, and I was also able to get in to see a GP. Off the steroids, and their effects will have worn off by tomorrow morning, yay! Absolutely no idea what’s causing my sore throat. No inflammation, no bacterial infection. It must be “something in my environment” which is irritating it, apparently.
      Either that, or it’s emotional …
      It’s a shame that I don’t know why I still have a sore throat, but I’m very glad to be off those other medications.
      Thank you for checking in!


      • I’m glad you were able to see the GP. Toss the Prednisone down the toilet! Lots of people have fireplaces burning at the moment, could your throat be sore from that? That was a random suggestion! Get well soon!


      • Thanks so much! I just don’t know. There’s no smoke where I live, no industrial smog, no building sites … it’s a problem for when all the prednisolone has left my system.

        I won’t flush them, I wouldn’t do that to the poor bacteria and whatever else lives in the sewerage system 🙂 I’ll take them back to the pharmacist and let her do what she will with them. Perhaps mutter an exorcism? Ha, I bet I could draft up a really nice prednisolone exorcism rite … if only I could have found one which worked around 3am this morning!


  3. rod

    Sore throats. I sympathize with you here. I have had an inflamed throat for over two years. An expert stuck a camera up one nostril and down to the voice-box, then repeated the procedure using the other nostril. Nothing sinister. Right, but what’s causing the problem? He hadn’t a clue. I have had to give up recording using my own voice. My guess is it’s a reaction to something in the environment – life, for example.


    • Oh goodness! That sounds just awful. Again, I’m sorry to hear this. (Rod, I seem to be saying that to you a lot lately!!! )

      My dad’s a semi-retired GP and I finally spoke to him this morning. He also has had a sore throat for a long time in the past – well, a long time by my standards: 6 months, which doesn’t compare to your 2 years. He believes it was a low-grade virus which kept flaring up. This is what I feel mine may be, unless my own GP is right and something has been introduced into my environment in the last six weeks … which doesn’t seem likely.


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