Because we are lucky



I was talking last night with the dearly beloved about a relative who, well – has a reputation for being something of a martyr. In our opinion, she has nothing to complain about, however we are keenly aware that we never really know the full story of what someone is experiencing, and don’t know what unhappiness or dissatisfaction a martyred expression might be masking.


We concluded that really, the best lesson we could take from being with her was to always remember just how fortunate we are. No matter how poorly we may feel treated at times, we are just so privileged compared to the bulk of humanity spread across this globe.

So there will be even less bitching and moaning in our household, and an even greater appreciation of the wonder it is to have tea in the pot, food in the pantry, electricity on demand, a stable government; to be free of cancer and radiation sickness, to have liberties to speak out against unwise decisions our government makes, and to be able to make decisions concerning one’s life.

We are going to be more grateful, because we are lucky.


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2 responses to “Because we are lucky

  1. Why yes we are. And at least I know that if I ever drop in upon you unexpectedly, you will always have tea in the pot. 🙂


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