On Steroids!

Yes, you heard me – the GP inspected my long-sore throat this morning, and decided a course of steroids was the way to go.


I know some people love being on steroids: depending on their age, they’ll bounce about, claiming to feel five/ten/twenty years younger. Me? They just make me feel uber-moody. Think PMS … on steroids! (So to speak.)

Here are the deviltabs:


Have you ever been prescribed steroids? Do you love them or loathe them?

Quite frankly, I’ll happily tolerate a week of moodiness if my sore throat will just GO AWAY and STAY AWAY! (I don’t envy the dearly beloved, though.)


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10 responses to “On Steroids!

  1. Oh, man, sorry you have to take them. How long do you have to be on them?

    Personally, I can’t take prednisone for more than 3 days because it makes me psychotic and suicidal, but that’s a far more extreme reaction than most people have. However, I’ve been on a different steroid, Entocort, for over a year for my ulcerative colitis. Unlike prednisone, which affects your whole system, Entocort just stays in the gut, so it doesn’t make me crazy like prednisone does.

    Anyway, here’s hoping that the steroids are gentle on you and that you don’t have to be on them long before you’re better!


    • OMG! Prednisolone is the one I’ve been prescribed, and the one I had a bad reaction to before!!! I was less unwell when I last had to take it, but I remember actually screaming down the phone at someone – uncharacteristic behaviour for me.

      I only have to take it for a week. In fact, both the pharmacist and the doctor emphasized I was to CEASE taking the medication after a week (their emphasis). I’m worried now … better tap the dearly beloved on the shoulder.


      • Well, remember, my reactions are worse than most people’s, so hopefully yours won’t be as bad as mine. When I do have to take it (when I have a really bad UC flare), I find it helpful to remind myself that this is just temporary, and the crazy will stop once I’m off the pred. Maybe that might help you? I’ll be sending lots of good thoughts.


      • Thanks! Hopefully I can keep a lid on things. (But my therapist is going away … last appointment on Monday for quite some weeks …)

        However, forewarned is forearmed. All good.


  2. I’ve never heard of taking steroids for sore throats. I hope it helps! xx


    • It’s meant to decrease the inflammation. It worked last time, but that was ages ago … we’ll see. It’s still sore this morning (Friday morning) and I took the first dose yesterday lunchtime.


  3. I’ve never taken them but I certainly hope that they help the throat. 🙂


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