A Morning Gratitude List

Today is a day of contrasts. I’m feeling anticipation and apprehension. In the midst of these conflicting emotions, I thought it might be helpful and grounding to write a gratitude list.

In this moment, I am grateful for:

  • tea in the pot and food in the pantry
  • water in the taps and electricity (especially in this cold, dark winter!)
  • living in Australia, and being able to access our wonderful Medicare system
  • the prospect of relief from this chronic sore throat, after seeing the GP today (does a month count as “chronic”? Maybe it does for a sore throat)
  • my self-discipline in getting this fortnight’s assignments finished yesterday, when they weren’t due until midnight on Sunday
  • my parents’ visit, and the good times we’ve had together
  • interactions with wise bloggers, who teach me so much
  • the fact that I’m having lunch with the delightful R (dumplings! yay!)
  • my grandmother’s return to stable health. I know she’s going to die, but I’m glad it isn’t going to happen this week.

This list flew off my fingers and onto the screen! It’s very easy for me to access feelings of gratitude right now, obviously, which is wonderful.

Be well, stay warm and dry if you’re in the south-east of Australia, and take care!

xx DB

thanks heart


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8 responses to “A Morning Gratitude List

  1. hellokalykitty

    So glad to hear your grandma is doing better !! *hugs*


  2. All gratitude worthy! 🙂 Have a lovely day dear.


  3. Jay

    Your gratitude is humbling! And this is a timely reminder of what I have to be thankful for. x


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