I took this picture today:

2014-06-25 14.35.38

It sums up how I’m feeling in so many ways: the bleak grey of the sky, which seems greyer in memory than pixels, and those denuded branches, yearning sunwards for winter light.

I’m not particularly low in mood today, but I do have a sore throat again. Seriously, it’s been, what – about a month now, on and off? I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. Maybe I have tonsillitis and need antibiotics. Perhaps all I need is amputation from the neck up.

These branches looked so dramatically black against the sky behind them. They reminded me that black-and-white thinking can dominate the foreground of our mental landscape, if we let it; we have to take off our “depression goggles” and appreciate the shades of grey which might be lurking in the background. I firmly believe that, almost always, the truth lies in the grey zone.

Speaking of colour, I visited an art gallery yesterday and saw some beautiful paintings from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. Such colours! Such attention to detail! There were also some books, printed from woodcuts. Woodcuts! People really worked back then. Not that we don’t work now, of course; I don’t mean that – but the sheer manual effort that went into making things … compared to me pushing a few buttons to create this post, it’s incredible. No wonder they wanted to paint the beautiful clothes of the aristocracy, when each thread, pearl and tassel was produced by hand.

Well, that’s a delicate sufficiency of random wintry thoughts for now.  Be well!



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5 responses to “Wintry

  1. That photo would actually look fabulous in black and white you know. 🙂 Be well today my dear.


  2. Trying to recognize – and break free from – black and white thinking is such a struggle for me. But I also appreciate the irony in where I hope to end up – that truth and reality are always in the grey area. At least I still have an absolute with which to work!!! 🙂 (Almost always)


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