A new toy: The Daily Mood

I have a new toy:

‘The Daily Mood’ is a stand-up flipbook containing 47 emoticon mood images and a description on the other side. The box asks: “Why should everyone in the office have to guess your mood every day?”

Um … because they’re not emotionally retarded imbeciles? (Inside voice, DB, inside voice!)

Seriously, it’s a bit of fun. It’s interesting to think of “giddy” as a mood, and I love the etymological notes (“In the mid-1980s, the term “emo” described a subgenre of hardcore rock. In the mid-1909s, the term emo began to refer to the indie music of such bands as Fugazi. These days emo is more commonly tied to the fashion of middle-class white kids than to music.”).

As my ‘office’ is populated by one at present (i.e. me) I’m tempted to use The Daily Mood in a manner for which it wasn’t intended: flip it open at random and try out the mood which presents itself; a sort of ’emotional roulette’, if you will. With such delights as Splendid, Wonky, Heroic and Focused on offer, this idea isn’t as crazy as it may seem.

Does anyone else have a new toy they’d like to talk about?



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4 responses to “A new toy: The Daily Mood

  1. Ha ha. It sounds like the flip book one of my co-workers bought one day called “Games and pranks for the office”. Some of those just had us giggling…. right before we tried to work out how we could pull some of them off. lol


  2. This is hilarious. Although the only thing I can think of is how my husband might react: “Don’t we do emotional roulette enough around here as it is? :)”


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