It doesn’t make cents

If childcare in Australia is so expensive, why do childcare workers get paid so little?


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7 responses to “It doesn’t make cents

  1. I don’t think you are the only person to ever ask that question. Also, it begs the question about why childcare is so expensive. In some cases, it costs far more to put a child into care than to give up work and stay at home.


    • Yes, indeed. Given the workers themselves get paid so little, it’s difficult to understand the logic, as in many Australian enterprises staffing is the fattest line on the budget.


      • I know that it was cheaper for my daughter to give up work and to scrape by than it was to continue working and put the children in child care full time. It was cheaper for her as a stay at home mother with minimal income to put the children in day care two days each week so she could study than it was to put them in five days a week while she was working. The daily costs were dramatic. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.


  2. It’s the same way here. All social workers end up using the services they provide their clients, because they get paid so little.

    Suzjones is correcy. Many studies show it does not make a family unit anymore wealthy or stable to work, than to stay at home. One of my beat friends, after her divorce, was constantly !akimg just enough money to put her two kids into childcare each day. It’s sad.


    • It’s ridiculous. I simply don’t get it! Thankfully, it doesn’t impact on me directly, but my two stepsons will hit this brick wall if they have kids.

      I can’t figure out why the costs are so high. The staff:child ratio isn’t very low, usually. Facilities? Wouldn’t have thought so. Materials? Minimal. Insurance? a biggie … Compliance? Yes, that would be a biggie, but nevertheless, it still seems like a market-driven price. *sigh* Crazy world.


      • It’s all a major reason why I’ve put our efforts to conceive on hold. It’s maddening how difficult society will make it to raise the little ones with any sense of stability.

        Plus, with all these realities I’d want to stay at home. Yet still work from home. And I have much work to do in my life before that can happen… 😦


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