Gratitude List

Wow, what a week it’s been! As I type this on Friday morning Australian time, I’m looking back on a week of physical health and ill-health, hope and disappointment, boredom, procrastination and discipline, loneliness and the unexpected joy of new connections as well as the ongoing support of friends and loved ones … phew. And there’s still today to go! 

Clearly, now is a good time to write a gratitude list. In this moment, I am grateful:

  • to the business mentor I met with yesterday, who was able to offer me ideas beyond my imagining
  • for Strepfen throat lozenges, which really do help with inflamed and painful sore throats (not a paid advertisement, I assure you!)
  • to the staff at my credit union, who although they scared me with the amount of information about me and my bank transactions they were able to pull up in moments, were able to provide sound financial advice and help over the phone
  • for the fact that today is a less busy “rest-ish” day (it’s not quite a rest day, but almost!)
  • and, of course and always, for food in the pantry, tea in the pot and drinkable water from the taps.

Using the word advisedly, I am indeed lucky to have been born an Australian, and to be surrounded by wonderful people.

I’m grateful!

thanks heart


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6 responses to “Gratitude List

  1. Such wonderful blessings to have. I hope your weekend is wonderful.


  2. Oh no, you’re still battling the sore throat! I hope it gets better soon!


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