I came across this definition in yesterday:

Sapiosexual: One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature.

… yeah, I like the sound of that!


1543,AndreasVesalius’Fabrica,BaseOfTheBrain” by User Ancheta Wis on en.wikipedia – Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is (was) here. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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14 responses to “Sapiosexual

  1. I am definitely more attracted to intelligent men than to those with a low IQ, no matter how physically appealing the latter may be. And, sapient men generally have brains not only in their scull…..


  2. Yeh but a nice butt helps right?


  3. I do find intelligence sexy but had not heard the word. Hugs, Barbara


  4. Reblogged this on Dalliance and commented:
    i am def saiosexual


  5. I have heard the word, intellectisexual.


  6. This is a very good term, and it’s one I’ve heard before with concerns to attraction specifically.
    You hear a lot of interesting terms and see new ways to think about things when you hang around the asexual community, or ace community as they like to call it. 🙂 Where romantic attraction and sexual attraction are acknowledged as separate things, and primary and secondary sexual attraction are used to explain variance in the human experience.

    I tend to think that as a secondary form of attraction, sapio-attraction makes a lot of sense for many people.
    Intelligence is after all something you can only acknowledge after getting to know someone, but it certainly seems to play a role in how a lot of people relate to their partners. (Though it’s okay if someone doesn’t, I mean we can’t all be nerd lovers can we? XD Haha )


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