Back from the Dread!

…the dreadful flu-like virus which has plagued my existence these last few weeks, that is πŸ™‚

This is what my view has been lately:

2014-06-12 09.50.17


I don’t generally go in for a whole lot of medication when I have the flu, but I really needed that nasal decongestant to keep earache at bay, and I have to say I’m something of an evangelical convertee to Strepfen for extremely sore throats! Ibuprofen is my drug of choice for managing fever if aspirin doesn’t work, and you can’t go past good old Vicks for that “I’m sick but I’m taking care of myself” sensation.

So: what have I learnt during my few weeks of illness? Here are a fewΒ random tidbits:

  • you actually can write coherently argued assignments for university while running a fever, and even get good grades for them (I wouldn’t recommend the practice, though!)
  • reality checking your mood against the state of your viral infection is always a good thing to do
  • the WordPress community cares, and emails or posts questions about how you’re travelling – love you guys
  • just because someone says they’re being assertive doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t being aggressive (took me a while to figure that one out! …yes, I still have some work to do in the field of assertion)
  • online shopping is really fun.

Oh, and just to prove that last point, here are some ankle boots which arrived yesterday:

2014-06-11 09.13.27

They were the first pair of shoes I’d ever bought from the internet, and they fit perfectly, and I absolutely love them!

OK, guys, here’s the deal: I’m so far behind on everyone’s blogs, there’s no way I can catch up on all your wonderful news. If you have something hilarious, amazeballs, tragicsome or intriguing to share, please do so in the comments space below!

xx DB


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25 responses to “Back from the Dread!

  1. Hi Bree,

    Glad to see you’re back in the saddle and feeling good! I named you on an award/chain post that I’ve been included in. Have a look-see:

    All the best,


    • Oh thank you so much!!! I’m very grateful πŸ™‚ I won’t look at it right now, but I’ll certainly get to it in the next couple of days. So lovely to hear from you. Thanks again!


  2. Did it get you too? Oh no. This stupid virus seems to be getting everyone. It got me for a month, and now it’s something else! lol. Glad to hear you feeling better though xx


    • Oh wow! Yes, it’s knocked me around on and off for almost a month – I just assumed my immune system was depleted after a long period of stress, but perhaps it really was a super-nasty bug, after all. It is good to feel better, and I hope you feel better soon, too XX


  3. I’m glad you’re back! I’d been wondering where you were and hoping you were okay.

    Your boots are super cute! I love the color.


    • Oh thank you! And thank you for noticing that I was “missing”, that’s very sweet πŸ™‚ Yes, I must admit I love, love, LOVE these boots! I was expecting a deeper purple, but just adore them as they are, and luckily have a cardigan in the same shade.


  4. Ooh those boots are lovely! I’m partial to the odd Butter Menthol when I am sick, even though I know they do nothing and are basically lollies! Are Strepfen and Strepsils basically the same? I love the numbing lozenges!


    • Yes! I think Strepfen are sort of like Strepsils with superpowers πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I just mopped the kitchen floor, so can’t get the packet. Oh *headsmack* I’m connected to the internet. Obviously my brain hasn’t quite returned from its viral-porridge-state! Strepfen are Strepsils + flurbiprofen, which is part of the same family of drugs as ipubrofen (Nurofen here in Australia). It’s a topical anti-inflammatory analgesic, so in other words, it takes away swelling and pain in the tissues of your mouth and throat when and after it’s in contact with them. Seriously, work really well for a very sore throat! And no, I’m not getting a commission for typing this comment, ha ha πŸ˜€


  5. I’m really quite glad you’re feeling recovered.
    Your list of sicky essentials is very similar to mine, (I wonder if strepfen is similar to strepsils?) though I take the ibprofin before the asprin myself. (seems more effective for my fever symptoms to me for some reason. Placebo perhaps?)

    Those shoes are super pretty! Bright coloured shoes have always attracted my attention.
    And I must say, it’s always awesome when something fits exactly like it’s supposed to. πŸ˜€

    Updates eh? I’ve not been sharing relevant things on my blog (Yet), but I’ve been having some thoughts because I’ve been in an anxiety group.
    Sadly this group isn’t going to be able to help me much, but I like the people I’m in group with, and I feel good about being able to support them each week. (If only it didn’t take so much of my emotional energy)
    I think I’ll probably write about it. Both the good bits, and probably also the gaps I’m falling between (which I’m not upset about, in a way it’s helping me help myself, by knowing exactly where I’m at πŸ™‚ )


    • Strepfen seems to be Strepfils + a drug of the same family as ibuprofen (nurofen) – an anti-inflammatory analgesic, topical in this case. I am a complete convertee to Strepfen for very sore throats! It hits te spot like nothing else seems to. (Please send me a cheque in the mail, folks!)
      Do you mind me asking what sort of anxiety group it is? Does it follow a particular therapeutic regime? I’d be interested … I was in a group earlier in the year, but left, because I decided it was doing me more harm than good. The “theory” was great – DBT – but the way the group was administered left a lot to be desired, in my opinion.
      I generally try aspirin first, because I think it’s an awesome drug (it’s never bothered my tummy) but if I’m really unwell then yes, I must admit I go straight to ibuprofen.


      • The first thought noting you’d rewritten the explanation just for me: “I feel special, I totally just got coddled lazy person treatment, Bree is so nice, may the open internet of lazy people never find out.” hehe

        Of course I don’t mind! πŸ˜€
        They call it a core-skills CBT group. It’s intended as an introductory course before you can go on to more specialized anxiety groups (such as one for DBT, one for OCD, General Anxiety, et cetera) which technically includes more things than just CBT. (They do focus on things like mindfulness, exposure therapy, acceptance therapy, and basic critical thinking skills especially in regards to thought distortions. But they use different words, so that everything is more specific to anxiety, and less about purely examining logical arguments as critical thinking would be.

        There are some aspects of this course that I likewise feel are being mishandled, like the fact that one of the two people handling it seems to believe that platitudes are somehow helpful, oh and she is convinced that if it doesn’t work for you, it’s impossible that the treatment just doesn’t suit your problem, clearly you must have just done something wrong! For more than a decade… yeah lady, I’m sure I must have. *cough*
        Fortunately, she shares the duties of guiding the course with a much more practical associate, who is also more than compassionate enough to make up for her. And I’m very glad of it, because as I’m sure you experienced, the theories can be incredibly useful (fantastic even) but if the people running it aren’t good at their job, learning from them, or rather trying to learn the material *despite* them, becomes troublesome.
        I’m sitting through this because I want to get on to a second course, perhaps the DBT one, but it’s clear to me that the course itself is based around the idea that anything can be overcome with enough exposure, and I’m frankly frustrated that they would build the course this way (as if it would always work for everyone), since I’ve read the studies, I know for a fact that’s not accurate to the science.
        Anyways, I’m at least having a good reason to update my knowledge on the research, and found words for some of the things I experience primarily. (such as death anxiety, which is basically the fear of eventual non-existence, not immediate non-existence — as well as somatic anxiety) Somatic anxiety is an interesting one, which can actually be experienced on it’s own and is frequently by athletes, it is the sensations of anxiety without necessarily any emotional anxiety or thoughts that are anxiety. Which is how I can be happy, having a good day, thinking about nothing but good things and feel bodily anxious irrespective of my emotions or thoughts. Which falls outside the purview of CBT which tries to focus on changing thoughts and actions to alter emotions and/or to change body feelings.

        Anyways, I’m writing way too much (sorry) I hope this answers some of your queries (and maybe sheds light on variation in anxiety like it did for me. πŸ˜€ )


      • Yes, that did give me some new information – I’d not heard of somatic anxiety before; it certainly does fall outside the purview of CBT and confirms my long-held belief that CBT is a necessary but not complete treatment tool! It’s amazing how many practitioners don’t get that … still πŸ™‚


  6. Hey there lovely lady. It’s been a while but I’m back as well. I hate the flu and always try to attack it head on so I fully support your drug fuelled approach. Will catch up properly in a bit. Stay well x


  7. P.S….loving the boots and extremely jealous!


  8. Jay

    Welcome back and missed your posts! Visualising an immunity idol for you… Literally a gentle halo of light around you to rev up your immune system πŸ˜‰


  9. For the past few days I’ve been saying to myself “I must email DB” but then never did it. 😦 I’m pleased you are up and about once again but so sorry for not emailing sooner.
    And I love those boots!


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