So, this is how it is, missy…

You’re stretched, and your mind is aching. The elastic ‘snap’ from months – nay, years  – of adrenal overload has left you flat and spent. Today, for the first time in ages, you had a panic attack; unable to draw breath, the whole catastrophe, and because of the people who illegally sold and abused Xanax: Worrier Princess so the authorities reclassified it as a DD, you didn’t have your chemical crutch to lean on. (Thanks, you bastards.) Yes, you breathed through it (go, girl!) but it left you feeling even worse than before.

Sweetling, now is the time for coddling. Yes, there’s study that needs to be done; yes, you wanted to mop the floors today. You’re not quite ready for your meeting with the computer bloke tomorrow and you haven’t made the time to research a new laptop – that humming noise isn’t a great sign. Despite all this, you must put first things first. We need to get you back on track.

What can electronic valium offer us tonight? Oh, excellent! Offspring and The Good Wife! Ah, that makes for a happy Dysthymia. If only your friends Stateside could enjoy Offspring! You know some of them would love it. However, that’s a story for another day.

What else is weighing you down? Ah, you’re feeling guilty about the fact that you haven’t read anyone else’s posts for two days, and you’re putting yourself under pressure to catch up. Well, sweetling, you have a choice here: you can do your usual rounds of the 24 blogs you feel you absolutely, positively have to read, or you can accept that today is not that day. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get that done. It’s OK to miss the occasional post. You know you’ll probably end up reading them anyway, in the fullness of time!

So, my dear, let’s turn the central heating on, make a cup of peppermint tea, literally put your feet up and read a nice bit of sci fi before the evening news.

Who knows? Perhaps by coddling yourself in this manner, you’ll inspire someone else to do the same.

Take care, sweetling. Take care of yourself – that’s your #1 job at this time.

Regain balance.



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9 responses to “So, this is how it is, missy…

  1. Perfect!!! So wise 🙂


  2. Cal

    I hope you have a restful few days before the weekend, which I know can be stressful for you. Hugs.


  3. The whole format and tone of this post is wonderful. Coddle away, dear woman, and keep on fighting through! 🙂


  4. I hope your night was wonderful. 🙂


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