A thing I love

When you’re out walking, and it starts to rain, and you throw your face skywards and smile because you’re overjoyed it’s raining and loving that fresh-rain scent, and a large raindrop lands smack bang in the middle of your lips, as though the rain is kissing you … yeah, that’s pretty good.



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13 responses to “A thing I love

  1. Jay

    Agreed! I am still waiting for the company that bottles the smell of the first raindrops hitting a thirsty earth 🙂


  2. hellokalykitty

    It sounds absolutely lovely xx


  3. I love this! It’s all about the little moments in life 🙂


  4. eddieredvine

    I miss this so much.


  5. Cal

    I love the smell of rain.


  6. It’s awesome. 🙂


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