Chrysanthemum, gold flower

As long time readers know, I love me a dose of ancient Greek. Today my mind has turned to chrysanthemums, those colourful, multi-petalled flowers of the Asteraceae family. Here’s a sample of the forty-odd species in the genus:



To me, chrysanthemums are pretty flowers, but not especially rare. They’re relatively easy to purchase at a florist, for example, or at the supermarket or even petrol station. What piqued my fancy today was this fact, combined with the etymology of their name.

The word chrysanthemum derives from two ancient Greek words – chrysos, meaning gold, and anthemon, or flower. So these blooms, which I think are pretty but not particularly special, are literally called “gold flowers”. Isn’t that lovely?

This has reminded me to look with appreciation at the other everyday objects around me and try to see them with fresh eyes. The mug I’m drinking tea from: part of a wedding gift from my sister. The track pants I’m wearing: purchased while I was in hospital last year. The table my laptop’s resting on: purchased by my husband’s father, made by a prisoner in the woodwork shop.

Each of these items has their story, their special meaning. They ground me in my life, and if I choose, they speak my history to me.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by so much care and love, evidenced by these everyday objects.


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8 responses to “Chrysanthemum, gold flower

  1. How lovely and important!


  2. happilydpressed

    One of my favorite flowers- and I’m not a big flower person.

    Thanks for the fun fact and as always your lovely post to get my mind going.


  3. My First Born gave me a potted chryssy a couple of years ago telling me that now she had given me that she wouldn’t have to give me anything for Mother’s Day ever again lol
    This morning I am sipping tea from a mug that says “You mean the world to me”. Guess the First Born has a short memory when it comes to gifts for Mother’s Day. lol


    • Ha ha! Love it.

      I came into my stepsons’ lives when they were tweens, and never tried to be a mum to them – they had a mother, after all. However, in the last few years, they’ve started sending me text messages on Mother’s Day, which is quite touching.


      • I never tried to be a mother to my step children during my first marriage either but I am still in contact with them and their children call me Nanna Sue even though our divorce was 18 years ago. They hated me when I was their actual step mother but as they grew they realised stuff that went on wasn’t my fault. And the best thing of all my (ex) step daughter calls my daughter (the First Born) her sister and they have been bridesmaids for each other and are so close. It’s great.
        Sorry…. going off on a tangent lol


      • Tangents are beautiful 🙂


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