Lying Fallow

A field is ‘lying fallow’ when it’s deliberately left uncropped for a season; it’s allowed a time of rest to regenerate. It’s a time when the field is not expected to produce anything. If you like, the ‘work’ for that field at that time is to simply rest, and be, and let nature do its work.

I’ve been lying fallow for the last couple of days. The week’s been a veritable zigzag of emotions: high anxiety; despair; relief; disbelief; joy, and then an understandable state of numbness which disinclined me from doing anything productive (though I have reached Level 12 of SkyTopia 2, if you’re interested).

Everyone needs fallow days, and those of us who live with mood disorders need them at least as much, if not more. This morning, as I type, I can almost feel my brain chemistry settling back into its normal balance (or imbalance!) which is just so reassuring. If needed, I would have taken more ‘fallow’ days, but it looks like that may not be necessary.

Is this weekend going to be a time of lying fallow for you?

xx DB

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24 responses to “Lying Fallow

  1. I think my whole life has been a time of lying fallow.


  2. I certainly need a weekend of lying fallow! I haven’t gotten much sleep (from stress and restlessness) and I’ve had lots to do with school and extracurriculars. I’m glad to hear that your time of lying fallow has been effective though! Now hopefully you’ve been restored to a point where you can continue growing 🙂


    • Thank you so much. I think it has been good. A few hours into Saturday, I feel a bit more ‘fallowing’ might be in order 🙂 We’ll see how the rest of the day pans out!


      • It’s good that you can listen to your body and respond accordingly. I hope your fallowing has helped 🙂


      • I really fell in a slump for a few days – at least, my body did! Mood-wise, I’ve been fine, but I have had no energy. I actually almost fell asleep in a cafe during a study/writing session with a friend the other day 🙂 Definitely a signal that further fallowing was needed! And I listened to that signal, not even writing posts on WordPress or logging in, which is usually the highlight of my day.


      • Wow, in a cafe?! Sounds like you were tired indeed! Good that your mood held well though, I’m happy to hear it 🙂


      • Thanks! In my defence, as nothing else was going my way, I decided to plug myself into some Bach string concertos. I have a mathematical mind and find them to be utterly, whimsically sublime music. So it’s not like I faceplanted into my teapot 🙂


      • Haha, well, that’s all right then. There’s something about classical/instrumental music, isn’t there? Hehe, I suppose it’d be a little embarrassing if you DID faceplant into your teapot 😛


      • Yeah, I sort of managed a semi-dignified zen-like blissed out loll to one side 😉 Well, that’s what I was aiming for, anyway! Since then have had another coffee session, which went nicely. Yay!


      • Haha, a “semi-dignified zen-like blissed out loll to one side”. My goodness, sounds like a crazy yoga pose or something! Good to hear though 😀


  3. eddieredvine

    I’m definitely lying fallow fighting off this infection. I’ve slept more since Wednesday than I have since Christmas. Xx


  4. I really like this idea. It reminds me of an analogy you made once before – that just as your muscles need a day of rest when exercising, your brain/mood needs the same.

    I think I’ve gotten sucked into the idea that I should be doing something at all times to help with my depression. So I don’t tend to have days when I lie fallow – or more specifically, when I lie fallow without guilt. But I need to work on that. It’s just one more expression of self-compassion to give myself time to recuperate a bit.


  5. Hmmm this post as really given me some food for thought. I love the alegory of it all


  6. rod

    You’ve got me wondering about mindfulness. Is that ‘lying fallow’ or an activity?


  7. I feel like i am pretty much constantly lying fallow. Love the idea of “lying fallow, may use the idea for a poem if you dont mind.


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