Discipline, please!

I’m so fired up today! In many ways, too; so I am going to need self-discipline, to make it a good day. I know I can do this.

Here are some of the challenges today poses:

Insurance Company

They said they’d call Friday or Monday. They didn’t (surprise, surprise). At 9am I’ll be calling my contact there. The discipline required here is (a) managing my mood before the call, and (b) coping with any emotional fallout afterwards.

New Facebook Game

One of my best go-to, non-medication methods for dealing with acute anxiety is to play a game while ‘watching’ some TV. My latest, which I just started last night but am ashamed to say am already almost finished Level 8, is SkyTopia 2 on Facebook. If you’re playing, please feel free to add me as a friend! The discipline required here is to play it an appropriate level during the day.

Fired Up

I find myself really inspired with ideas for a host of creative projects. If these are to come to pass, I need to sort my ideas out, prioritize them, and plan for success. I can do this (yes, K, I can!).


Just a few odd jobs, but ones which will satisfy. The discipline required here will be not to keep adding to the list!


Needs doing. Just a matter of doing it. Yay. This one’s easy peasy.


I really love studying (just call me GeekGirl) so this one’s a breeze. Yay!

So I am off to begin my disciplined, productive day. I’m actually rather excited about it! Bring it on!


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12 responses to “Discipline, please!

  1. Ok if you want my opinion, and can’t get done, just toss the housework, that’s what I do (hahah).


  2. rod

    I would hate to phone the insurance company too. I’m often tempted to say, when I finally navigate the fifteen menus: ‘This call will be recorded for training and evidentiary purposes.’ Or some such.


    • No, I’ve managed to wrangle the actual direct phone number of the person who’s managing my case!!! I am becoming quite accomplished at dealing with them, if I do say so myself. She received a cheery “Good morning!” call at 9:04am – see how I cleverly gave her 4 minutes to grab a coffee, first? I extracted a promise that she’d chase up and call me back at midday. Yay! (Please, please let it be yay.)


      • rod

        You’ve handled this so well! Much better than I would have done. I have – so to speak – a hangup with phones.


      • Ha ha! Well, now it is early evening. I did the practical things on my list – housework (ugh) including mopping (double ugh), gardening (yay), etc. The creative stuff didn’t get done because all day I was on tenterhooks re the insurance claim – they didn’t call back at 12, but did at 4:45pm. There’s a final “beta search” they need to do tomorrow, but provided that pans out OK, we’re all good. I can’t actually allow myself to believe that, just yet … not til the ink’s dry!


  3. I hope you had a good day and a successful day today. It is a good plan. Hugs, Barbara


  4. I love fully productive days, but boy can it be overwhelming! I’m kinda frustrated that they’ve diagnosed these rises of productivity as “manic depressive” but I’ve radically accepted that diagnosis and am moving on… at first I was really pissed though cause I was like “I’m just happy, that’s all!” I guess it’s cause I don’t know balance and I impulse a lot.


    Yeah, that sounds exciting girl. Let us know how the day pans out and don’t exhaust yourself too much. 😀


    • To be honest, the practical things got done – housework, ironing, gardening – but I ended up being too stressed by insurance stuff to do anything creative. Still, I managed myself very well, so that’s a win.


  5. From reading the comments it sounds as if your day was not too bad. That’s terrific.


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