New Monday

No, it wasn’t a phonetic mis-typing – I did indeed mean New Monday, not Blue Monday!

Upon waking I catch up on WordPress notifications, and write my morning post. I don’t have any particular reason to have decided today will be a New Monday, but I have:

  • reset the weight loss app I use on my phone
  • re-written my weekly exercise program, shuffling things about
  • an inspired list of things I’d like to achieve today.

I am also expecting an important phone call today. Well, ‘expecting’ might be overstating my hopes; I spoke to the insurance company last Thursday, and they said they’d phone me on Friday or today … so I may not hear from them until Thursday. Fingers crossed. Anyway, today may be the day I may find out whether they’re going to pay the claim, or not. I won’t find out a dollar amount, but I may be given a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

I hope that your Monday is also a New Monday in the best possible sense, and the start of a wonderful week!



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10 responses to “New Monday

  1. Hope it’s a good one mate 🙂


  2. rod

    I didn’t know there was a weight loss app, but I am behind the times. Have you come across a cognitive bias modification app? I believe such a thing exists, though how effective it might be is another matter.


    • That sounds interesting! I’ll look into it. The app I use is, at its core, a calorie intake/output counter. It’s useful for taking the *sigh* out of what could be a dreary task. It takes a sensible approach – counts calories and, almost incidentally, classifies what you’ve eaten as green/yellow/red based on calorie density. Lots of graphics and articles, which appeal to the scientist in me. I also like the fact that if I do extra exercise in a day, it figures out how much more I can eat and still be under my weekly calorie deficit 🙂


    • The cognitive bias modification app isn’t available in Android yet – will have to wait a while! However, I found some good scholarly articles. Yay!


      • rod

        Well done. All I have seen is a documentary on the subject, but there were two variables, so any detectable change couldn’t safely be attributed to one or the other.


  3. robin1967

    Sounds like you’ve taken an unpopular day (first day of the work week) and gotten motivated. Good for you. Love this New Order song, by the way…


  4. I’m still partial to the Orgy version. 🙂


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