A Decluttering Success Story!

I have a wonderful friend, K, who has been encouraging me to declutter my life. She is very skilled in this area and everything she says makes perfect sense. But …

… my mind is fully occupied with other things, like surviving; it’s a BIG job; it’s changing long-held patterns; it’s – well, it’s a bunch of excuses is what it is.

Yesterday, though, I did successfully declutter something: my “Blogs I Follow” list! Now I have pared it down to the blogs I’ve discovered I really want to read. I can stop typing the names of my favourite  blogs into the browser window from memory and use the WordPress reader as it should be used – to keep up with my desired reading, instead of it being jam-packed with other reading as well.

I made a quite severe cut – 90% of the blogs went – and was still concerned that I may need to prune harder, but I left the laptop off overnight and woke up to a very manageable reading list this morning.

How do I feel about this? Absolutely-bloody-fantastic. OK, it just took half an hour of hitting little “x”s, but it has made my life more streamlined, more efficient, and it’s a task I conceived of, carried out and completed, all in one session. That feels great, too!

I may not quite be up to clearing out the spare room (again) but when the time comes, I know I am capable of mustering the right mental mindset to get the job done.

Are you a natural declutterer, or like me, does stuff accumulate? If you’re like me, how do you cope with this in your daily life? I’d love to hear from you!

Jul to Dec 2010 002

This is how I feel: my Reader has been transformed from its wild, natural, organic self into a more useful form!



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17 responses to “A Decluttering Success Story!

  1. rod

    I am very untidy. Incoming paper gradually mounts up till I can’t see the playing surface, at which point I get so desperate I start tidying.


    • Actually, I honestly don’t see mess, quite often. I’ll do a basket of laundry, and it will sit in the living room, waiting to be ironed or sorted, and if I don’t do it in the first 24 hours then I develop a sort of “blind spot” – until my poor suffering husband explodes a week later!!!

      Mind you, the spare room is an exception. Clutter you have to navigate through – I can see that, all right! (And sometimes feel it underfoot …)


  2. Well done you. I hope it helps you feel a little more in control of things.


  3. Go you, well done, decluttering isn’t easy!

    We have did and ptsd, we had to privatise our blog for safety reasons, but as a fellow mh sufferer, we’d love if you or any of your readers wanted to follow us at

    go there to request access! huggles ❤ ❤


  4. eddieredvine

    I’m somewhere in the middle. Hyper organised in some ways (tidy house, organised shelves) but I’m by no means minimalist… but I love all things organising and storing…


    • There are places where I’m almost OCD in my need for order: therapist’s office, for example – the tissue box HAS to be parallel to the table edge! However, in general, I’m fits and spurts 😉


  5. Decluttering feels so good. I wish decluttering the house was as easy as decluttering the computer. 🙂


  6. What can I say 🙂 Super proud and very happy I wasn’t culled!! I de-cluttered my wardrobe the other day and now have two full rubbish bags ready for the charity shop. I was ruthless this time and even scared myself! I’ve also done books again and have a good box for the charity shop. This week paperwork and knick knacks!


  7. I am a natural clutterer, sadly. Papers accumulate; things are misplaced; and my management of paperwork (or lack thereof) becomes another source for self-criticism. I really do feel better when I get a grip on it and get better organized, but I think the accumulation of papers is a habit that I need to work hard to break. And I need to set up better systems to help me succeed in that.

    The strange thing is that when I was in graduate school and doing lab research, my lab bench was always in immaculate condition. Everything went away at the end of the day exactly where it belonged. My husband often reminds me of this as he wonders why that doesn’t extend to home. I have no idea!


  8. I come from a father who can’t throw anything away and it made me so nervous as a child to feel so out of control that I throw things away and become a little OCD when it comes to organizing. I find that it makes me feel in control of my life and my self. when I’m in a depressive mode, I can see papers begin to pile and I know I’m not in the best direction. good for you! each step counts towards the bigger goal. you go, girl! (did I just write that?)


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