A Meditation Against Hurt

Just thought I’d share this meditation with you. It came to me as a means of feeling less hurt by certain events of yesterday; perhaps it will likewise help someone else! This meditation worked for an external hurt, something which happened to me (as opposed to something I did to myself). I have a real connection with trees – they resonate deeply for me, but that won’t be true for everyone. Adjust as you will.

  1. Sit in a peaceful space, in a comfortable pose which does not impede breathing and which you can sustain for as long as necessary. Avoid crossing legs or other postures which may cut off circulation.
  2. Become conscious of your surroundings and switch into ‘observer’ mode – i.e. observing your thoughts coming and going, like pigeons in a park, rather than engaging with them.
  3. When you are calm, focus on the boundaries of your body. Where does your skin end, and the rest of the world begin? Where is the highest point of your body, in the pose you are holding? Where is the lowest? The furthest left, and right? Front and back? Foster a sense of your skin as a boundary between you and the rest of the world.
  4. Bring to mind the thing which has hurt you. Realize that although you feel the hurt internally, the thing which caused the hurt lies outside of yourself, outside that boundary you have reminded yourself of between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’. For me, the thing which hurt me was some distance away. It was outside my house. It was further away than the end of my driveway. It was further away than the bus stop … I kept pacing away, until I realized just how distant the source of the hurt was. At this point I felt a lifting of stress in my body.
  5. I had just eaten some scrambled eggs. I felt them sitting in my stomach, nourishing my body. I imagined being a great tree, and this food like the nutrients my roots were taking in from the soil. I visualized the beauty of that network of roots, from the large tap roots right down to the capillary-thin hairs which absorb what I need from the ground I am living in.
  6. I visualized my strong, strong trunk, alive yet as solid as a stone column, reaching from earth to sky.
  7. I imagined my leaves – beautiful, light beings, performing their everyday magic of using sunlight to create sugars. I love resting among this visualization of leaves, and stayed here for a while.
  8. Then I had the idea of protecting my tree. I had the good parts of my self walking in a circle around the perimeter of my roots’ range: one drawing a line in the ground with a stick; the other, outside, making a second circle with salt; the third, inside, creating a third concentric circle with a pungent yet potent fertilizer – repulsive to others, nourishing to me. I saw them creating this triple circle and completing it.
  9. Return to the room.

For me, this meditation freed me from the burden of feeling hurt. I hope it’s useful to someone else, as well!

And, dear readers – many things hurt me yesterday. I’d invite you to use this meditation to deal with one particular hurt, as I did. I’d also invite any readers who may be aware of hurts I experienced not to assume I was meditating on a hurt they’re aware of.

Bye for now, sweetlings,

xx DB

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7 responses to “A Meditation Against Hurt

  1. I will try this, thank you


  2. Thanks again for telling me about this / referring me to this post. I have tried it but not with much success yet. Though I printed it and will try it again later. .Somehow the internal hurt and external hurt seem to mix up too much and I can not seem to separate them. Did you experience anything like that? I have really a hard time to do that somehow, and even if the cause is from outside, inside messes up and fights with it soo much.


    • That’s part of my problem precisely – outside hurts too readily become inside hurts, if you know what I mean (I suspect you do). What helps me as I do this visualization is showing myself that the thing which causes the outside hurt (i.e. someone or something external to me which has hurt me) is NOT in fact part of me, but something/someone distant, so I can respond differently to what they’ve done.


      • Thanks. Maybe it just needs more practice or something. Or maybe the feelings are just too strong. I don’t know. I guess I am not so talented with dealing with them. It’s like the feelings absorbed already inside and when that happened it seems too late. But maybe that is just a ‘ snapshot’ just of the particular moment and things change later.


      • We all find our own ways to get through, don’t we? Good luck as your quest continues X


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