Stuff that’s true

Here’s a list of statements which are true, as I type this post:

  • I have a snotty nose and hope I’m not coming down with a cold
  • The central heating is working again – yay!
  • After a cluster of triggers and emotions yesterday afternoon, this morning I am firmly back in “dwell only upon that which you can control” territory; long may it last
  • I didn’t complete my exercise mini-challenge, but I’m cool with that – sometimes other things come up which take precedence
  • My therapist is away next week, so I’ll be left to the not-so-tender mercies of my psychologist, and I am expecting some major news which might be good or bad, so that will be interesting (anxiety plus!)
  • You know the difference between “want” and “need”? Well, the time when I “need” a new laptopย is rapidly approaching! This little darling has had so many parts replaced it’s more new than old, but it’s fading fast
  • When something’s true, it feels in my chest like a well-constructed bell ringing. Another aspect of my psychosomatic superpower, I guess!
  • Boring housework doesn’t get itself done
  • This morning would be an excellent time to finish editing an anthology of papers for my alter-ego, but I’m not sure the task will be completed before lunch … or anytime today, truth be told
  • I love my friends, and I am loved by my friends

What better note to finish on?

Church bell cutaway. Image found at


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8 responses to “Stuff that’s true

  1. allbrisafam

    hope you feel better getting sick sucks and great way to end it by thinking positve is great:)


  2. How do you do that thing… that dwell upon only that which you can control. Man, I need lessons in THAT! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Believe me, it takes a LOT of practice, and I don’t always manage it! I have to work very hard at it – but it’s worth the effort. It’s especially hard if my depression levels are high and I can’t concentrate for too long on things like reading. Still, good old TV usually works, or mindless games like Candy Crush or 2048 ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely worth the effort, though, in payoff.


  3. Ugh to the snotty nose. Hope it’s better today.


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