Gratitude List

It’s been a while since I wrote one, and I’m feeling a bit low, so here’s my list of things I’m grateful for in this moment:

  • respectful debate in which differing views are held in tension, without abuse
  • the presence of a friend, and tea in the pot
  • rays of sunshine and fresh air flowing through the house
  • alprazolam! (sorry to any who might find this offensive; for me, in these minutes, it’s been a godsend)
  • the prospect of a solid meal for dinner
  • the balm of television, soothing a troubled mind
  • links with others, both in real life and through this wondrous wold-wide web
  • critical thinking, which helps alleviate my suffering by trying to speak reason to it. (It’s not my fault if the wind blows that candle out, occasionally.)

thanks heart


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6 responses to “Gratitude List

  1. Gratitude lists brings smiles in our lives 🙂 I’m smiling right now..Thank you!


  2. Great list 🙂


  3. Love this. I need to do this.


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