Smooth Waters

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

Blue Lake, Mount Gambier

Today has been another good day, and I must say I’m enjoying this patch of ‘smooth sailing’ – 5 days in a row! Now, if I can just figure out how to avoid those dramatic mood plummets which leave me vulnerable, I’d be fine.

I’m making good progress in that direction. I have an amazing therapist with whom I do great work. He’s a psychodynamic psychotherapist, which means he doesn’t guide the conversation as much as a traditional counsellor might – so all the insights come from me, prompted by the occasional question, observation or link made by him. Seriously, I am in awe of people who work in that mode. It might sound easy, but to be operating on so many levels – deeply listening; accurately recalling; actively linking; being mindful of one’s own reactions and counter-transference phenomena – AND resisting the temptation to say what must sometimes seem the bleeding obvious! – I think it’s a heroic undertaking.

Just in the last week we’ve made a major breakthrough, regarding why my mood has these dangerous plummets. It’s not a “brain” thing; I think it’s a “mind” thing, a certain weird defence mechanism which has become hard-wired into my psyche. Now I’m aware of the process which happens, I can slowly move that awareness into the present moment and eventually head those episodes off at the pass. Yay!

Also – in other exciting news – “My Mental Health Alphabet” is now available here in the iBookstore! I’m so proud and happy to have it for sale there. Double yay!

MMHA Cover2

Obviously, I’ve had a totally awesome day. I hope you have, too.

xx DB



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7 responses to “Smooth Waters

  1. Wow – that *does* sounds like a major breakthrough. And presumably you can work to understand how that defense mechanism developed, which will further reduce their frequency (maybe), and then you’ll have a lot of momentum in a healthy direction. I love those moments of epiphany!


  2. Yay for you. I’m so pleased your days are brighter right now.
    I didn’t think my countdown would be so hard but I struggle each day to get through it (until I get home).
    On one bright note, I have had an article published on Weekend Notes and received the Newbie Editor Award yesterday lol


  3. congrats on the book!


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