Fingernail Days

Some days you’re just hanging on by your fingernails…

…but what’s important is that you keep hanging on.

Here’s to everyone who’s “fingernailing” it today. We’ll get through, and there will eventually come a day which is less awful.

Fingernail days


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10 responses to “Fingernail Days

  1. youngandtwenty

    such a unique but great way to put it!


  2. Sounds rubbish, hope you get a change soon


  3. Hey Bree,

    Good to see you back in blog-land and sorry to hear things aren’t going great. If it helps to talk to someone anonymously and to speak to someone who gets it, yet you don’t have to worry about upsetting – check out the group we’re trying to get off the ground. Obviously, if you feel up to offering support when you’re better then we’d love to have you and your insight.

    If it isn’t something you think could help you, then I hope you come up smiling sooner rather than later! Keep on truckin. Keep on bloggin.

    All the best,


    • Thanks H&J! I’ll check it out. I am fortunate to have the support of my wonderful Facebook group. Skype sometimes overwhelms me – too much stimulation! – but I’m willing to read about anything.
      And yes, I will keep trucking!


  4. I love the graphic. 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear that things have been difficult. Hopefully those in the blog community who are feeling stronger right now can help carry you through your rough spot.


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