Head Down

Denial is not always a bad thing.

For instance, at the moment I am choosing not to face the realities of my life – they’re just too stressful to bear safely; so until tomorrow, when I can actually do something about my situation, I’m choosing to run away from life.

Very little WordPress activity (I’ll have a lot of reading to do later! šŸ™‚ ), very little Facebook or other social activity, and generally just “not thinking” about stuff.

Tomorrow (Thursday, my time) I can do something. I’ll begin to re-engage with reality then.

But for now … catch you later!


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8 responses to “Head Down

  1. I had noticed that you’ve been quiet lately. I was hoping it was because you were still hiding Easter eggs and eating chocolate bunnies. Wishing you strength and courage for whatever faces you tomorrow. šŸ™‚


  2. Good luck with today then. I hope it works out just how you want it to. Take care.


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