Quiet Days

I’ve had a quiet couple of days.

There’s been a fair bit of ongoing stress about money and my future; *yawn* I am so over worrying about these things, but they’re not going away!

I’ve coped with these major stressors by:

  • distracting myself with reading and watching
  • playing puzzle games
  • rejoicing in my slow but steady weight loss. It’s only a couple of hundred grams a day, but the number on the scales is going down, and that’s what makes me happy.

I know that distraction isn’t a good coping mechanism over the long term, but as I hope to have some news later this week about some potential relief regarding my financial situation, I’m happy to sit with it for the time being.

So I have, both literally and metaphorically, been taking some time out to smell the flowers.

2013-12-28 08.55.17

I trust all is well in your worlds.

xx DB


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8 responses to “Quiet Days

  1. Good for you! It’s always worth taking the time to stop and smell the flowers. 🙂


  2. youngandtwenty

    those sound like some great ways to cope


    • Ah well – they work for the short term! Got to face reality soon, but until I have further information, there’s nothing I can do, so I may as well wrap myself in cotton wool until then 🙂


  3. Sounds wonderful. I’m glad you had a wonderful weekend.


  4. Actually, in the face of uncertainty when there is nothing you can do but wait, distraction is a great coping mechanism. There are MANY worse things you could do…..


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