Steep Descent

2012-09-27 11.52.29

In my mind, gravity only works in one direction, which is a real shame, as that direction is down.

Very rarely does my mood suddenly improve for the better and stay there. More frequently, something triggers a plummet, and I’m stuck down there in the doldrums for a while.

There are exceptions. There was a moment in my session yesterday when my therapist asked a question which required an analytical answer. Listening to myself speak, I noticed that my voice had deepened, my body had relaxed and I was feeling much better – all in the blink of an eye.

I pointed this out to him, and we spoke about it. It was as though my state of mind had changed from “helpless child” to “adult capable of thinking objectively about a situation”. Pity it didn’t last!

Still, now I have another technique I can use to change my emotional state: pose myself a question or a problem which requires a different type of thinking.

It’s always good when you can add a new tool to the toolkit, right?



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13 responses to “Steep Descent

  1. Tools are good. Real good


  2. Yeah! Great work! Now the hard part id remembering, lol.


  3. Wow- I am new to your blog so don’t know the whole story yet. Just from the post I can relate. I have been on both sides of the therapist desk, and the switching gears or ways of thinking is an absolute conscious move we must make! Nothing feels natural or comes without effort when we first start at it, and I believe thinking applies here. I actually used Lumosity as a tool to help me retrain my brain and learn different ways of viewing my situation.. Great post, new follower on board!


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