Nature Loves to Hide


… or so says this piece of street art from an alleyway in my city: Street Signs 2

There’s something which is eluding me at the moment, and that’s the post I’m trying to write about leaving the therapy group which wasn’t working for me. Some drafts are most certainly a bitch, rather than a vent, which isn’t helpful. Others go into too much detail, so someone reading the post may be able to identify themselves or others, which goes against my strict self-imposed anonymity policy. Finally, my last draft was full of too much detail, which ended up obscuring the message I wanted to convey – why I left, and why it was a difficult decision to make.

Usually, I wouldn’t mind publishing something which was still a work in progress, but this particular post means a lot to me, and I want to get it right.

So, my friends, that post is coming – but it may still be a while off!

xx DB


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