In Praise of Tea

Always grateful for tea

Always grateful for tea

Oh, how I love thee, tea.

The ritual of steeping leaves, or even just watching the colour swirl out from a teabag, always calms my mind. The comfort I get from wrapping my hands around a warm mug never fails to sooth.

You gently remind me that no matter what life brings, you are my constant companion – undemanding, faithful, true; you sustain me, settle me, stimulate me, and help me summon the strength to continue.

You are the thread which holds my memories together, and you remind me that life goes on.

Simple things make our lives better. You are my most cherished simple thing.

Thank you.


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7 responses to “In Praise of Tea

  1. You forgot the warm feeling you get when the tea passes your lips.


  2. You write a lovely “Ode to Tea”. 🙂

    I can’t actually relate as I’m not a tea drinker (coffee either – really, it’s amazing that I can still function in the world 🙂 ). But, when I think about your tea as part of a ritual, that gives it a different spin. Ritualized activities can be so very comforting – no wondering what’s going to happen next. So while you’re sitting with your tea, I’ll be washing my favorite stainless steel pan, gently scrubbing away the crud, watching the water sheet off when it’s fully clean, and thinking of how my family enjoyed whatever I just cooked. 🙂


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