It’s still raining, and I’m still happy about it

Burnt Leave in Rain 2

Here’s another image showing a leaf half burnt by this summer’s searing heat (see!  Burnt to a crisp!) and the current raindrops surrounding it.

I’m in a similar situation, I find: my psyche is still “burnt” in places from the traumas, long ago and recent, which have scarred it; yet I’m slowly healing under the guidance of my therapist, under the ministrations of my psychologist, and through my own healing actions.

Some days, the burning is more noticeable than the healing.

I want today to be one of the easier, more pleasant days.


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10 responses to “It’s still raining, and I’m still happy about it

  1. Today, let your wishes be granted. 🙂


  2. Eventually the burnt leaves will just drop off and new leaves will grow. 🙂


  3. I hope today has been more pleasant for you! I also am so jealous you’ve got heat. It’s been freezing here :/ I’m still waiting on spring to really start.


  4. It’s interesting that rain makes you feel so happy. It generally pulls me down. I guess that is very reflective of where we each live and wanting to escape heat versus wanting to find it. We hit +12 Celsius today! Woohoo!
    Hope you have a pleasant, healing day. xx


    • Thank you so much, DBH. It started off being a good day, then hit a rough patch, then went right right down, and I’m slowly trying to claw it back up again.

      Electronic valium to the rescue, methinks: sometimes retreat is the better part of valour, or however the saying goes …


    • Also – rain only makes me happy this week because (a) I grew up during a drought in country Australia and (b) we need it and (c) we haven’t had grey skies for a long while. Give me a month or so and the joy will have leached out of it! 🙂 (There’s no pleasing some people, right?)


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