Upcycling, two ways

Moodwise and materially, today has been a day of upcycling.

I just love upcycling things: making skirts from interesting pits of cloth, draped from an easy waistband of a worn pair of jeans; gardening with cuttings from here and there; hey, even turning kitchen scraps into compost is upcycling, right?

Today I hit an upcycling jackpot. As I was out walking, I passed a broken wooden pallet beside the road. “Third time’s the charm,” I thought: “This is clearly going nowhere!” So it came home with me and is now forming the back feature of my newest garden bed, the succulent-cum-bird-friendly-zone. (It’s also propping up that section of worn fence, but that’s another story.) Even bringing the damned thing home was an exercise in multitasking: it weighed such a lot that I decided I’d managed two workouts in one – aerobic and weight-bearing – especially carrying it up the steep hill! Sorry, no pictures available, as it’s dark outside – daylight savings ended this morning.

Today I also packaged up many bundles of books I’ve deemed ‘surplus to requirements’ and am selling them online. Not only will this free up extra space on my overcrowded bookshelves and in the garage where some of them have been forced to live, but it feels pretty good, to be creating more space in my life.

My mood’s stayed fairly strong most of today, too. I’m still not out of the woods – my Moodscope score was still just 33, which is quite low – but it didn’t slump as it did yesterday. I am practising something a friend reminded me of, keeping my ‘present moment’ very much a moment, as opposed to a period of time, no matter how short. Sort of: Now. And now. And now. How am I feeling in my body now? What emotions am I feeling now? What am I thinking now? It’s been very helpful, and I’m grateful to depressedbuthopeful for reminding me of the true meaning of being in the present moment.

So: materials upcycled; mood upcycling. Here’s to more of these things in the week to come.

xx DB


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7 responses to “Upcycling, two ways

  1. Awesome. Love the idea of a skirt made from the waistband of jeans. I’ve made a skirt using the top part of jeans before.


  2. I’m so glad that those words were helpful. 🙂 I find that I definitely need a reminder now and then. I’ve been living in the future a lot the past two weeks, borrowing troubles that haven’t arrived. But there are many good moments during the day, if we just stop to notice. xx


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